Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting A Little Crowded

Things are getting just a little crowded. When I first started with the department, they had just opened a brand new prison a few miles down the road and there were maybe a hundred offenders there. Now the place is packed and getting worse all the time.

In our Adseg unit, a few years ago, we decided we needed to repaint the place and do some routine maintenance. We cleared out an entire walk and opened up twelve cells at a time for them to work on.

Now it's time to repaint again. We have three cells down at a time to paint and it is hurting us having those empty. We have to kick people out to the hill early because we are too full.

In an ideal world, Adseg would be "segregation" and each cell would only hold one offender. That's kind of the whole idea of it. Too bad it doesn't work that way.

Now we have to hold on to knuckleheads who can't behave themselves for several months before they can go to the C-5 camps because there is no room in them either.

Things here in Raccoon City are getting kind of desperate. Pretty soon prison sentences are going to be measured in months rather than years and a stay in the Adseg unit will become hours rather than days. We might as well set up chairs in the corners of the housing units and make them take a five minute "time out".

It's getting to the point that a scenario like "Escape From New York" is looking like it might be a possibility. Just throw up a wall around the whole city and let them fend for themselves.

Just make sure my house is outside that wall, thank you.

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