Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Connection

I was on my way through C-wing last night when one of the offenders called me over to his cell door. What he had to say sounded fairly urgent so I stopped and listened to him for a few minutes. Here's the gist of the conversation:

"C.O.! C.O.! Can you come here a minute? I want to give you some evidence. I found it here in my cell. It's a fingernail. I want to get it swabbed for evidence of DNA. It's proof of attempted murder on my mother. There was a black hair, kind of curly, on the floor right next to it. There were two other hairs and some sweltering of some kind on the styrofoam cup. Yeah, they said I flushed away my last chance but I just looked down and there it was. I want that DNA checked against (some name) and (some name). Anyway, I need to get that checked for DNA and maybe that can get me out of here finally. You know, when I turned the water on there was some loose hydrogen in the cell and it had me kind of worried.... you know what they say about free water... So, can you get that to the people so it can be checked? It's kind of important.."

I opened the chuckhole and he handed me out a small peice of what looked like silicone sealant that they used to seal the cracks in the floor. I promised I would get it to the investigator as soon as possible and have them run it through the whole CODUS system.

He seemed satisfied with that.

I seem to get alot of those type of conversations. They often do bad things to my head.


  1. The paranoid schizophrenics are always a treat to talk to. They won't take their medicine because we're trying to poison them, and usually won't come out of their cell because their afraid we'll beat them up. I asked one gentleman (sic) one day why he was drinking out of his toilet. He replied, "It's colder water, you damn fool!" Of course, how could I be so stupid?

  2. thank you for keeping him calm.

    please post the results of the floor caulking when you have time.

  3. some days i feel sorry for those poor souls, and somedays its probably a blessing that they are there and not somewhere else......

    ackintr>>>>>>> a charactor name in the "dune" series

  4. Those little chats, while entertaining, are awfully hard on my brain, sometimes. But I do endure them because, as g said, it helped keep him calm. But Lawd! It do be a trial.
    I don't think prison is the best place for some of these people, but it is better than having them loose on the streets. And when they are finally let out, I wait for their eventual return.