Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Signs Of Stupidity

I'd love to hand out these shirts at work. Make them in bright day-glo pink and make every offender in the Adseg unit wear one. And a few of them need it tattooed on their chests.

Speaking of which....

Young TNT earned himself another award in the Stupid Hall O' Fame yesterday. He'd gotten pissed because he got moved back into C-wing and was acting the fool. Things progressed while I was off for my weekend and he managed to get himself placed back on suicide watch. They had given him a smock and a blanket and a foam mattress. But he had torn the mattress into little bits so they took it away from him and he was left sleeping on the concrete. The jackass.

So sometime yesterday morning he managed to get a chip of concrete loose from one of the walls and began cutting himself with it. Not deep or anything, just enough to draw blood and look dramatic. All up and down his arms and stomach. And then..... just because, I guess.....

He carved the name of one of our female officers into his chest in six inch letters.

He's lucky she didn't come in there and beat the crap out of him for that.

So he got bundled up into a car and taken to the rubber room in one of the level five camps. I guess it was the only one available. I've heard that they don't play around there. If they don't send him back right away I'm sure he'll be too tired and sore to want to act up for awhile.

It pains me somewhat to have to get someone else to deal with our problems. No one ever wants to take the initiative to do something decisive when the moment comes. And it all boils down to laziness and the fear of doing something wrong. But there will always be someone who says "You did that wrong. You should have done this instead." But that always comes from the people who weren't there. The same people who are never there when something is happening.

But listen to me go on, will ya?


  1. Ah, unrequited love. So sad. I don't buy it, though. He indicated to me what set off this latest round of foolishness was the fact that we moved him away from his "Daddy" in another wing and they had a falling out. Now he's trying to make us believe he's not playing for the home team? Boys got issues, man, issues.

  2. wow what you see in a day would leave me speechless for a month,hats off to you ! and what a twerp this TNT sounds, whatever happened to poop boy LOL ,Natalie

  3. and we continue to elect the same people who make these rules.

    "yes we can"

  4. BA- Issues, hell! he's got a lifetime subscription!

    Natalie- Ol' Poop Boy got sent to another camp, but due to the nature of his crime, I'm sure we'll be seeing him again fairly soon.

    g- yes, we do. Are we stupid or what?

  5. i resisted being stupid when i voted for president last year.

  6. Resistance is useless! You will be assimilated!

    I've always wanted to say that. (grin)

  7. you pwned me.

    i've never wanted to say that.

    see how useful your site is. we get to say things that otherwise would never be said.

  8. g- Sorry, I just couldn't pass that one by. Too much Groucho Marx in me, I think. I just can't resist a straight line. I'm even worse in person. Ask BA, he knows.