Sunday, March 8, 2009

If You Wanna Talk The Talk....

I remember looking back at the pictures of the gangsters from the 30's and 40's and thinking "Wow. Those guys looked cool." They were always impeccably dressed. Back then a man wouldn't leave home without a hat and tie on and his shoes well shined. Look at Al Capone and Legs Diamond and John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd and Bugs Moran. They spent alot of their money (OK, ill-gotten money, I admit) on their clothes and looking good.

I look at the "gangsters" now and think "What a bunch of slobs." In my eyes they just look pathetic. And watching someone trying to dress "gangsta" in prison greys is just stupid and even more pathetic.

On Midtown Miscreant's blog today there was a post about trying to enforce a dress code for certain areas of downtown K.C. Specifically, excluding those who dressed like they are gang members. Personally, I think that's a fine idea. If you want to look like a gang member, then go hang out on your own turf. This is my turf. You wanna intrude on my territory, I will shoot you. End of story. There are people in my neighborhood who dress in that style. I don't begrudge them looking like that if it's what they really want. They probably think the same thing about me and my tiger stripe camo and black t-shirt. I won't go to their house and they better stay away from mine.

But I won't drive by and sling a hundred rounds and try to hit something. It will be just one. Short, sweet and simple.

At work, we are always vigilant for gang activity. For some reason the state has declared that there is no gang activity in our prisons.

Say what?

We have more prisons than most states and you can walk out on the yard on any given day in any prison in the state and see crips, bloods, and gd's just by looking at their colors. Get a little closer and you can recognize mexican mafia, family values, mst's and a bazillion white nazi groups all clustered together in little groups.

I would estimate that the gang members in our camp alone outnumber the non gang members by two to one.

In my house, if you are "representing" then I'm gonna be all up in your business. If your butt is hanging out of your pants, then you are either going to pull up your pants or I am going to find you a cellie interested in what you got hanging out there. And I can and will do just that. At minimum, you are going to get written up so you can spend more time in my lovely house.

This is my house and my turf. On the streets you keep to your own territory. This is mine. You don't like it? Then quite being an idiot and stay away from my house. Punk.

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