Friday, March 13, 2009

The Calm After The Storm

After the last couple of days we have had, last night was kind of nice. Almost peaceful. Only had to raise my voice a couple of times.

Well, except for our brand new fire alarm system that kept going off. That was annoying. They just got the system completely online yesterday and just as soon as day shift left, it went off.

What the heck?

Ran into the wing. Chased the food service workers out. Did a quick check of the cells and storage rooms. No fire. Went to the next wing, etc. Nothing. Sarge called up front and reported it. They managed to get it reset up there after about five minutes or so.

A mystery.

Happened again about an hour or so later. Same results. I hope they get it fixed today. That sucker is loud and very annoying. It's what you get when you have to buy from the lowest bidder. I never really understood that concept.

And for once, med pass was started and actually completed on time. And both of the nurses that were the cause of this latest mess were there yesterday. One of them is extremely lazy and has a crappy attitude and the other is a ditz who can turn around and get lost in the sallyport.

Our med room is pretty much fully stocked with anything from otc medications to basic first aid stuff and almost all of the meds that the offenders need to take on a daily basis. But if the lazy nurse is on duty and an offender needs a breathing treatment, or a dressing change or even a simpe scrape or cut cleaned up and bandaged, she insists they have to be sent up to medical to be treated. And she comes down at the last minute for med pass, then tries to get ready and then has to go out and smoke before she starts. So when med pass doesn't get done on time and they jump on her she tells them we weren't ready and that's why she's late.

The other nurse is such a dingbat it takes her twice as long to pull the meds and get ready and she always forgets two or three of them and has to go back. And we have to watch her because she will get the names mixed up and the cell numbers mixed up. One of these days she's going to give somebody the wrong meds and we are going to have some real problems.

But surprisingly, both of them showed up on time and ready and actually got done. Maybe they are getting the same pressure on the from their end.

I sure hope so. I'm tired of getting my butt chewed for the med pass. And I don't even do med pass most days.

So we had a calm night. It was so cold outside we even got done with rec early and just hung around shooting the cheese. I went and hung out in the bubble with that Vinnie kid and we made each other laugh and told bad jokes.

Really bad jokes.

Jokes that I would not even dare to repeat here.

But that's what we do.


  1. ok that's ...i'm going to visit vinnie right now.....:)
    glad ya had a decent night rev........


  2. Tsk-Tsk-

    I feel your pain, it has been some time since I had the honor of reading your posts, so for the last half hour or so, drinking coffee and reading. I truly feel your pain about the med pass situation.

    You did make an observation worth repeating, "lazy" We both know (med pass) it is not brain surgery. But as we are both veterans, it was not uncommon to be bestowed much responsibility with little resources, you know, make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t...

    Unfortunately most of my peers (at FCC) have little or no experience with having to make decisions and be stand ready to defend those decisions. BUT they are used to passing the buck and shirking duty.
    This morning I worked at the local county lock up, and I will say I truly enjoy the autonomy there, once the deputies finish their duties and time permitting "we pass meds" and just like at your place, I perform cell side cures with OTCs and etc.

    Since most of those you have spoken of, do not want to perform the work, they want to make it hard on everyone.

    I will be in the trenches tomorrow and Sunday (ADSEG), so when you come to work give a shout out!

    Keep up the Word Smithing!