Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Survived

I survived the day. And so did all of the inmates. A certain Lieutenant almost didn't make it, but hey, you can't have everything. The Major Pissing Contest is flaring up again between us and medical.

I'll go into detail about that at another time.

I was in such a crappy mood that it showed all over my face and not many people even spoke to me much today. That was probably a good thing. For everybody.

I came real close to snapping the phone in half a few times, though. Getting my butt chewed for something I knew nothing about and had no control over in the first place really got on my nerves. Especially the second time in ten minutes.

Almost lost my cool. And maybe even my job.

Don't want that.

I'm better now, though. I'm home and in warm dry clothes and I've taken my sleepy meds and I'm going to crawl into bed and try to forget that this day happened.

Let's be careful out there.


  1. Wow, you got a photo of Bill Clinton actually SMOKING a cigar.

    (too sick to do captcha word)

  2. I had to follow him around for weeks to get a good pic. Almost gave up. feel better, luv.