Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been Served

I got my first work-related subpoena the other day. I feel so proud.

Actually, it scared the crap out of me until I figured out what was going on.

Came in just like any other day. Got my radio and my cuff keys and headed on in. When I got to central to sign in, someone said "Go back out front. There's an officer out there with a subpoena for you."

Oh snap!!!

A million things started rushing through my mind. None of them were the right thing. Had not a clue. When I finally tracked down the deputy sheriff with the papers and saw what it was I said "Phew! Is that all?" I haven't done anything illegal or otherwise that I should get called into court for, so my mind was doing all that track and field work for nothing. I think my brain is trying to kill me.

There was an incident back when I was on day shift. They brought this knucklehead out to see the nurse and allegedly he got stupid and ended up getting put on the ground in the sallyport. I didn't see the whole thing, I only got there after he was already on the ground. Of the three officers involved, two of them got hurt and had to take several days off. One back injury and one sprained ankle.

So the state is prosecuting said knucklehead. Because, after all, he is directly responsible for those two officers getting injured. And I get to go to court. Joy.

I have to iron a uniform and wear a freaking TIE then go sit around in the courthouse for probably a whole day for nothing.

But I still get paid for it. I've been told that as time goes on and I keep working down in the Hive that that sort of thing will only get worse. I know I have at least one and maybe two other cases pending in the courts that may or may not go to trial. One Lieutenant told me "Hell, one year I practically lived at the courthouse!"

Nifty. I really needed to hear that.

I'm so freaking lucky.


  1. Looks like someone gets some OT!! I wish I could get some OT, but my work figures since they pay me such a princely salary, I don't get OT, ever.

    My dad, the retired cop, hated court days as well. Mostly cause he worked graveyard shift, and it messed with his sleep. I learned preety quick to stay away from dad on those days.

  2. I wish it was OT, but it won't be. They will schedule me for Admin leave, with pay, for eight hours. And that's all I will get. If I get out early, I get over. But if I spend more than eight hours there i just get screwed. The state is cracking down so hard on OT right now that we can't get anything.
    I just don't want to go to court and have to be "professional" and not call the attorneys what I think of them and I hate having to wear that bloody tie. Aargh!

  3. It is so sad that the court system actually listens to these inmates.

    But it is the Judges who carry a large burden of DOC problems, recently a murderer and rapist was released from prison, oh yea, it was the same inmate less than 10 years served..who was a recent tenant of the HIVE

    Currently in the Federal Courts in St Louis, one judge is thinking about letting some of our neighbors in the predator unit go back on the street...

    You know, so they can do it again...

    I am so freaking amazed....