Friday, March 20, 2009

Mixed Messages

Ah, here we go again. Changing the rules without telling anybody and getting testy when nobody knows.

That's what we're all about.

The Scenario: An offender is getting locked up in the adseg unit and refuses to go into the cell he has been assigned to.

The Response: Established SOP states that the offender will be placed on the restraint bench until he decides to go into his assigned cell.

Variable: The Captain (in his infinite wisdom) has decreed that we will not use the restraint benches under any circumstances. And of course, he never told us that.

Say what?

So this numbnuts sits on the restraint bench and states to the entire wing that he is going to sit there until (and I quote directly) "They agree to my demands." He will only agree to go into a cell with a certain other offender (who already has a cellie) and is going to hold the restraint bench hostage until his demands are met.

We get chewed out for following Policy and Procedure in dealing with the inmate. The Lieutenant comes down and doesn't want to take any action on his own so he calls the Captain who comes down to take care of the mess himself.

Since we are so freaking incompetent.

The offender is removed from the bench and taken to an empty cell (not the one he wants) and on the way there he walks slowly and drags his feet and mouths the whole time that we will give him what he wants because he's been down a long time and knows how to work the system. When he gets into the cell he backs up against the sink and refuses to move or be strip searched or have the cuffs removed. So they just shut the door until the Captain arrives.

If I had been in there, I would have handled it completely wrong, apparently. I wasn't in there, because I saw the whole thing was going bad from the moment the Lieutenant stepped into the house. I figured they were going to end up giving the guy what he wanted and I didn't want any part of it. I was standing by in case I was needed, but I have seen them cut our nuts off too many times and didn't want to be involved.

I'm not even going to say how I would have handled it. It would have been wrong, apparently.

So anyway, the Captain finally shows up. They open the cell door and when the offender refuses to comply with orders, the Captain pepper sprays him thoroughly. He complies at that point and is stripped out and the cuffs are removed. The door is closed again.

Then there are more mutterings about how we mishandled the whole affair.

What the snap ever.

We have restraint benches and utilize them correctly following Policy and Procedure and SOP.

But we're not allowed to use them.

I have the distinct feeling that no matter what we would have done at that point would have been wrong. It gets like that sometimes. We live with it.

But if we would have done it my way it would have been over alot quicker.

So now when I get back to work I'm sure there will be new rules that nobody else has heard of and it will be all our fault.

All because we are so freaking incompetent.


  1. What you're saying, is what I was thinking during the process.
    Which is why his backed against his sink didn't progress to toilet, bed, wall, floor, end.
    I figured we'd be in less hot water if the Chief slaughtered the Cowboys alone.

  2. Rev, apparently you didn't get the memo stating that all adseg officers must be mind reading qualified, and know in advance what the muckety mucks want before they do. Nevermind what policy is, or common practice, or common sense, for that matter. Really, it had been awhile since the Cap had sprayed anybody and he wanted the honors.:p

  3. Just remember my friend


    Can't Fix Stupid

  4. I know... I know. If the Cap just wanted to spray somebody, why didn't he just come out and say it? We've all been doing this a long time now and we know what we are supposed to do. That knucklehead should have been sprayed, slammed, folded, spindled, mutilated and teabagged. OK, maybe not teabagged. But he should have gotten more than he did and alot faster than he did. There was no need to make us look stupid over it.

  5. sheesh darev......sounds like what my family pulls on me! OR...what hubbys bosses do to him....never give him the memo for the safty meetings when he is on night shift (every fifth week) then complain when he doesn't show up for the safety meet, then try to write him up for it!
    da loop who wonders if were going to h$%% in a handbasket

  6. Loops- That's one of my favorite sayings at work: "Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?"