Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cutting Remarks

After TNT did his stupid little cutting thing the other day with the piece of concrete, we have since had two more incidents. Copycats.

One was this other idiot, who is not as loud as TNT but just about as stupid, got hold of a staple and gashed his arm pretty good. And then another one last night on our shift. Took the metal tip out of his pen and gouged himself a little just because he was pissed off and wanted to talk to the pshrink.

He wasn't getting along with his cellie, who is almost three times his age and a quarter of his weight and tried to "check in" saying he was in fear for his life in there. When they gave him a hard time about it, he said "If you don't get me out of here, I'm going to kick his head off!" SO they moved him and wrote him a violation for threats.

The idiot.

If he would have just gone to sleep where he was, he would have gotten out today. But instead he got a violation for threats and then another one from me for self-harm and now he's not getting out.

And the other punk, I'm not really sure what his trip is. I've been told he's facing assault charges from another camp that might get him more time. So I think he's trying to play the crazy card (like Poop Boy) to get out of it.

I don't think anybody has told him it's not going to work. By his own admission, he's just doing it because he's an a**hole and wants to get back at us.

How's that work again?

I can spend eight hours running around doing rec and feeding and medpass and working on the files and going up and down the stairs and all the things we have to do during the day.....

Or I can spend most of my shift sitting down writing reports because he cut himself.

Hmmmm......... decisions decisions......


  1. "I'm gonna cut my wrists, ram my head into the cell door door, then rub poop aaaalllll over myself!" "That'll teach those CO's a lesson!" Don't you just wish you could get inside their heads for a day to really see whats going on? Or maybe not so much.

  2. I imagine all you could hear in there would be crickets chirping.