Monday, March 16, 2009

Identity Crisis

I'm sure that some of you will think this is a dumb post. But it's something that does need to get said here.

I don't use real names here. I don't say where I work or even what state I live in.

For obvious reasons.

The Department of Corrections tends to be a highly paranoid institution when it comes to it's image. We have such a bad reputation that they will stomp hard on anyone slinging mud, real or imagined.

And I do tend to sling a little mud, now and then.

They cannot "officially" make me stop blogging. Hell, they can't even prove it's me without a federal court order. But they can and will make things difficult for me at work if they think I have become an embarrassment to the department. And some or most of the higher-ups wouldn't look kindly on some of the things I have said here.

Again, for obvious reasons.

I have decided, for simplicity's sake, to combine two of my favorite things, my blog and "Resident Evil" and create a cosmology that we can live in.

If you think that's dumb, get over it. I've gotten some funny looks, lately.

So from now on, if you would, please refer to the state/city/institution only as "Raccoon City" and the house where I/we work only as either the Adseg Unit or "The Hive". It will simplify things a bit and keep me out of difficulty.

It's a difficult enough job without adding more. Those of you who know me know that I don't walk away from a fracas, but there are some battles that my arms are way too short to fight.

And some days just walking into the place feels like working my way through a city full of murderous zombies.


But none of my coworkers look anything like Milla Jovovich. Even with clothes on.



  1. Well, when things settle down over there in Hooterville, you just think again about moving to our state, where there is free speech.

    (ditexp) <-- clinical name for UA cups that are of a generic quality.

  2. I'm GLAD I don't know where you work. It's so much fun trying to guess!

    And I won't say a thing about what little I know.

    *wink wink*

    The wink isn't necessary, since I don't know much. ROFL! But I felt like winking.

  3. Donna, you musta got somethin' stuck in your eye! LOL

    (sahums) <-- a fine purveyor of oriental type slippers on the Upper West Side of Chicago

  4. AuntiePooh- I don't think the bigwigs there would take too kindly to it, either. Prison administrators tend to be a narrow minded bunch no matter where they are.

    MizDonna- You have a pretty good idea, I think. It'll be our little secret. *nudge nudge*

    And I can see that Auntie is in rare form again today. (grin)

  5. I LOVE Resident Evil! Full of bad actors. Milla Jovosomething... thats what I'm talking about. Let's hope that if a muckety muck ever did make the connection that instead of taking offense, would use these blogs as an insightful tool into our side of things and help to make it better for everybody.

  6. Hate to tell you this, but there are no secrets in prison!!

  7. I know there are no secrets. I'm not "hiding" who I am and what I have to say. I'm just trying to stay out of their individual faces and not to leave anything there that says "Hey! here I am!!!" Hmmm... what's the phrase... "Plausible Deniability". Yeah. My name isn't on this thing anywhere.