Monday, March 9, 2009


So young TNT spent a couple of days in the rubber room and now he's back. It seems to have mellowed him out some. He's lucky they didn't thump him.

Yesterday when I came in one of the others started in on it again. Not exactly cutting himself, but scratching his arms deep enough to reopen his wounds and make them bleed a little bit. He keeps claiming he wants to kill himself, but does nothing but minor injury.

The little jagoff.

He tried the poop smearing thing and that didn't work. He tried the flooding his cell thing and that didn't work. He got nine days of the meal loaf and learned to eat it. Now he's doing this cutting himself with paint chips thing.

While they had him on the restraint bench trying to figure out what to do I really wanted to go down there and get in his face and ask "Why are you wasting my time? If you're going to do it, then do it. But quit playing at it, boy. You are pissing me off."

But that's just what he wants, apparently. I think he's under the same impression that Ol' Poop Boy was. If he acts up enough, we'll kick him out of prison just to get rid of him.

Not gonna happen. Nope.

So they finally decided to send him to the rubber room for a few days. The escort officer came down and got him in a coverall and shackled up waiting for his ride.

And he asked the perfect question: "Is this going to be like an infirmary?"

He thinks he's going to spend a few days in a real bed watching teevee with nurses watching over him and feeding him and tending to his wounds.

The fool.

He's going to spend a few days in a six by nine room with soft rubber walls wearing nothing but a paper gown. Being watched by officers who will spray him if he does anything stupid.

I hope it's an eye opener. We'll see, I guess.


  1. I can think of a few people I'd like to put in a rubber room. Is it available for rent?

  2. haha Donna ,ya think they offer a special rate for blog friends?

    so Rev do they get a mattress or just sleep on the rubber?
    dont think I could actually bear all the poop smearing stuff ACK

  3. Update: They brought the punk back today so he only spent one night there. Fat lot of good that seemed to do. At least he didn't cut himself today.

    Donna- I've got a list, myself. I don't know why we don't have a rubber room of our own. We should.

    Natalie- No mattress. Just the floor. The smearing aint so bad after you get used to it. I carry a jar of Vicks in my lunchbox. A little of that under my nose and I don't notice the smell so much.

  4. Funny you mention the Vicks. I've read where every good beat officer carries Vicks in his bag for the dead body calls.

  5. I carry mine in my lunchbox and we have a jar of it in our shift box up in the bubble. I heard about it years ago working on an ambulance. The smell and attendant memories give me the shivers every now and then, but it does help kill the smell.