Monday, March 9, 2009

The Chickens Are Restless

I almost used the Gary Larsen cartoon of the same name, but I didn't want to get sued. But the chickens sure were restless tonight.

Don't know for sure what it was. The change in the weather or the full moon or something. But all of the offenders decided to a man to be the biggest pricks they could be all night long. My partner BG and I came real close to slamming or spraying a few maybe four times during the evening. And FM and Chuck were having about the same luck working the floor. It was just ][ that close all night long. If we did reports for uses of force we avoided during the night we'd all be doing paperwork even now.

When BG and I left at 10:00, there were several of them unhappy about something and kicking on their doors over in A-wing. For the most part we were ignoring them and that just made them madder. If the captain would have authorized the use of a couple of CS grenades, we would have had some peace and quiet. Except for the crying, that is. But we can't use those.

What ever.

We managed to get through the evening without having to slam or spray anyone, but it was a real close thing. And I hope FM and Chuck have the same luck before they get to leave.

Nights like that are kind of aggravating. I was getting to the point of just wanting to go ahead and slam one and get it out of my system. Good thing I left when I did, I guess. I pride myself on avoiding more uses of force than I have. But maybe if we would have sprayed a few of them the rest would have laid down for the night.

P.S. Thank FM for the title of this post. He a master of the understatement, sometimes.


  1. Maybe there is an earth quake coming. I heard that before Mt St Helens blew all the animals were crazy out here.

  2. Crap, I hope not. This place is so riddled with mines and underground lakes that if we did have an earthquake, the whole area would disappear into the ground.

  3. My ex is still a dispatcher for the local sheriff's office. She's always insisted that the full moon brings out the crazy factor in people.

  4. Turns out the full moon was actually last night. I don't know what it was. These things tend to come and go in waves. Usually someone ends up getting sprayed or hurt before it stops. That didn't happen this time, but it was bloody close.