Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Are They Looking For?

This is non-corrections related. It's blog related. I've had an upsurge in hits (which is cool) and I always enjoy reading the comments and going into my statcounter and seeing where people came from and what they were searching for when they found me. It makes blogging fun and more enjoyable and not just a place to vent some steam.

But I've noticed an odd trend here that's making me raise an eyebrow.

I posted a rant back in the middle of December about pissing contests among staff and titled it "I can pee farther than you". It was nice to get that little tidbit off my chest.

Now when I go to statcounter to see where the new folks entered my blog from, fifty percent of the time that post comes up.

What the hell were those people looking for?

Now I'm all disturbed. I may never get that eyebrow to come back down again.

Sorry. I'll be back to the prison ranting tomorrow. I just had to get that out of my brain.


  1. i had a blog named "turds". you should see the searches that come up! some really freaky deaky people out there.

  2. Ach. I was hoping it wasn't that. That sort of thing creeps me out worse than Christopher Walken.

  3. Christopher Walken is supposed to creep people out on some level. I love him for his creepiness, actually.

    (vatos) <-- Greek version of Mentos mints.

  4. "i've got a fever. and the only cure is more cowbell"