Saturday, February 14, 2009

Easier On The Eyes

I'll have to admit, the reversing the colors did make it easier to read. I hadn't actually read a post on my own blog on the actual page for awhile. But once a few people complained and I went and looked, it was a bit hard on the old eyebones. So I think this is better.

Although I do admit I miss the dark and austere look of the old black page. It had a certain "hole-like" flavor to it. Sort of dungeon-esque. And frankly, I think the Adseg unit, as a whole (hole), should be more gloomy and less bright anyway.

As it is now the cells are white on the inside and the wings are cheery white and blue and green and sort of an orangish yellow. Altogether too comfortable. I think being in the Adseg unit should be more depressing. They have it too easy anyway. I think everything in the suicide cells should be stark white (including the floor) so we can see them better and everything else should be battleship gray. Except for the numbers on the cell doors. Bright yellow for them. And blackout curtains on the windows so we can go by and look in but they can't see out. If we do that and improve the grills on the bottoms of the doors to make cadillacing more difficult, I think the offenders would do everything they could to keep from coming down there. Make being in Adseg a real punishment instead of a vacation.


  1. Thanks again, punkin! Love to you and yours on this special forced day of romance. LOL

    (ressenge) <-- a location of a Arthurian dome structure near Stonehenge in Wiltshire.