Monday, February 23, 2009

I Feel Dumber Already

Well! Now that the ramifications of the current budget crisis are starting to hit home it's time to take stock and see where we stand on things. As of July they will be:

Cutting a few Captains and Lieutenants and Sergeants slots. So less supervision. Hmmmmmm... is that a good thing or not?

Cutting our Emergency Response Team (E-Squad) by what looks to be about half. A money saver for sure. Until there's a riot or someone escapes or something. Then someone will get hurt and cost them twice what they saved. Not the wisest of choices, I'm thinking.

Cutting our training by what also sounds to be like half. So we will go from being the highest trained and the lowest paid Corrections Officers in the country to just being the lowest paid. Gee, I feel dumber already! It's working!

A "temporary freeze" on hiring new officers. SO that means we get no new help, which means we will be running chronically short, which means more overtime! Yay! Except...... we don't get paid overtime. We get paid in "comp" time. But.... if we're running short that means you can't get any time off..... I'm confused. See? getting dumber by the minute, here!

Cutting the budgets to the housing units again. So we'll be running short of things like rubber gloves and paper towels and toilet paper yet again. Joy......

Hey, here's a novel idea! Make the inmates work and make money! They could be actually producing something rather than laying on their butts watching cable teevee and eating ramen noodles for a change.....

Nah..... that'll never happen....


  1. Yeah, that would make too much sense!

  2. Uhmmm, errrr, ahhhh..... I just feel better knowing our state representatives are like the 4th highest paid in the country and at least they don't have to suffer. :p

  3. Apparently I picked the right state but the wrong job. I told the wife I should have run for governor! But noooo.....