Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking The Weekend Off

Feeling a little under the weather and frazzled.

I'm taking the weekend off to rest and relax.

Hope you're not too disappointed.

I'll be back Sunday evening.

Y'all be safe out there....


  1. Take care, sweetie. Hugs.

    (calal) <-- a febrile seizure suffered by a Thompson's Gazelle.

  2. Hurry back.

    I'm addicted.

  3. A weekend off! Just say, who said you could that? Oh what the heck! I am off as well- Actually too cold to do much, so I am catching up on your ramblings...I am impressed- A true Wordsmith...

    If you are who I think you are- hope evening are working out for you on your new shift- need to give a shout out (454)when you get on duty or stop by and say hi-

    As always keep up the great work- your stuff is priceless.


  4. Auntie- Thanks, luv.

    Dangerousdaisy- I'm addicted to writing this it seems, so don't worry.

    Doc- yep, it's me. Liking the new/old shift. Getting alot more sleep. I'll drop by when I can!