Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Loaf Time Again!!!!

Well, our young knucklehead has gone and done it. Got himself put on the meal loaf. Painted his cell twice on our shift and tore up a mattress. I though he wasn't going to make it, as I had screwed up the paperwork last night. That was on me. He only made it as far as sack meals because I had checked the wrong box on the form.

But it's okay. He stood his ground and went ahead and pushed the issue.

Got the paperwork right, this time. You can bet on that. And you should have seen the horrified look on his face when we brought that nasty thing to his door and said "Hey! Here's your dinner!" He took one look at it and said "I'm not eating that! get that thing out of here!"

And proceeded to write on the walls in poop again.

The sap.

The first time we put him on got him nine meals of the loaf. With the second incident, we applied for eighteen more meals on an extension.

He's going to be one sorry hungry s.o.b. in nine days. The idiot.

The state of Maryland actually has a better loaf recipe than ours, I think. I found it through a google search here: . I'm going to write down the recipe and present it to our people and see if we can make this one than the one we use. It sounds much nastier than ours.

Most days it's not going to be good for somebody when I get that grin on my face.


  1. There's always one. It's like they have a union or something. "Alright Bob, it's your week to go to the hole and rub crap all over yoursef." For the love of Pete!

  2. Zappa called it "Confinement Loaf", the raisins alone would make me barf.

  3. Reminds me of the Turkey loaf incident. A friend and I had both scored HUGE turkeys from our place of employment as a holiday bonus. Her son was in the "Meat is murder" stage so we were looking for leftover turkey recipes. One recipe seemed reasonable, it bascially was meatloaf, but used chopped up turkey instead of beef.

    We made it and were eating some when her son came home and asked. "Why is there a pan of Alpo in the kitchen?"

    At that point we looked down at our plates and realized, Yep, we'd made essentially canned dog food. Between us we had seven dogs and eight cats so the loaf was not wasted.

  4. I've eaten a few loaf-like things in my life. They haven't killed me yet. I tried a bite of a rejected meal loaf once. I tried a bite of one of my dogs milk bones once. I think the milk bone tasted better.