Monday, February 2, 2009

A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

I know I've talked alot about why we do what we do and how strange it is we do what we do. I've mentioned that we need some serious mental help and if the Pshrinks ever got their hands on us we'd be through. I'll probably keep mentioning it because it never fails to amaze me.

There was a point tonight when I just stopped and looked at our crew and shook my head. And not because they are a bad crew. They are just some of the strangest people I have ever met. And, of course, I'm including myself in that category.

After awhile, some things don't surprise me. But then I get complacent and someone will do or say something that just hits me completely sideways. And I'm not talking about the inmates, here. Just the staff. Sixty or seventy years ago we could have taken this show on the road as a traveling carnival and cleaned up. Grown men would have fainted.

I'm not naming any names or pointing any fingers. As I said, I'm just as strange as the next person. Well...... maybe the other next person. That guy's a weirdo. I'm so strange I surprise myself sometimes. Then I come to work and feel like Joe Normal. Some days it's like being in a chapter of "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas".

We're some odd folks.

I'm just saying........


  1. I wish I could get in the heads of all the people that come in and work for one day and quit. Then you'd really know how warped we must seem, to work locked inside a small city, chock full o' nuts, murderers, rapists, and all around bad guys. For some strange reason, I kinda like it, most days. It sure ain't the money.

  2. Finally ! You post a photo of yourself on your blog.

    (prerdi)<-- pervert in Italian

  3. Auntie- I just couldn't hide my true self anymore. I wondered if anyone would recognize me in my street clothes. (grin)

    BA- I just wonder what those people were expecting and what really scared them. I was scared stiff when I started expecting mayhem and violence and daily rioting and wondering if I could handle it. Then I got inside and said "Hey, this isn't so bad!" Of course, then I went down to the Adseg unit with you and started thinking "What have I gotten myself into?"
    And no, it aint the money.

  4. Auntie,

    You should see him in an evening gown. Yowser!

  5. (Gives BA and Auntie the evil eye) All right, you two! I'm not shaving my back for anybody!


    Evening gown indeed......

  6. you'd do it if you really loved us. ( sniff , feeling unloved)