Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Painful In More Ways Than One

It was a night involving pain. And not just physical pain, either.

But the one it hurt most (from my perspective, anyway) was me.

I hate nights like that.

Was busy as hell when I got in. Locking people up left and right. No rec. Then the wobblehead house called and said they were kicking Slingblade dude back to the house. After all, he had only come down for Close Observation and he was all done with that. Well, duh.

What about the five conduct violations he had gotten while he was here?
"Don't worry about it." he said "He'll probably be right back, anyway."
Well snap!

Why did we even bother locking him up in the first place? Why did we bother writing him up? Why did we bother even sending him to prison if there are going to be no repercussions for his actions?

But if he's not actively in their house participating in their "program" then they don't get the federal money for him. So I get to participate in a perversion of justice so somebody pockets don't get emptier.


I never see a nickel of it, but I still get the joy of participating in the process.

I'm so lucky. I guess I should feel honored.

Then later on in the evening the was a 10-5 (officer needs assistance) call on the other side of the camp. I ran without thinking about it much. I should have known that I couldn't run that far and still be worth a damn. But I went anyway. Got most of the way there before they called it off.

Then I had to trot back to the house and help kick someone out because we were full. Fun! They bring this guy down with a face full of pepper spray and blowing snot bubbles. Luckily I didn't touch him so I didn't have to do any paperwork. Dude they locked up ( a well-known crash test dummy) immediately started kicking on his door screaming medical emergency because his face was burning and he was having trouble breathing. I told him to wash his face and quit screaming and he'd feel better and in the meantime knock the crap off. Said I wasn't in the mood for any more crap from him so he better quit and lay down.

Apparently it worked.

About an hour later my legs started to stiffen up from the running. I don't normally do any running as part of my daily routine. I know I should, but with my feet the way they are, it would make me more prone to injuries. But I have been walking on the treadmill every morning before work. I think it's helping, as I didn't get quite as sore as I used to. But it still took two tylenol to get me back moving easily again.

I'm still a little sore this morning but I think walking the treadmill will help work the kinks out. Hopefully, anyway. Either that or I'll be limping on my way in this afternoon. We'll see.

My days almost always involve pain in one form or another. Pain for either me or someone else or sometimes both. Deep down on a psychological level that disturbs me a little bit.

But hey, somebody's gotta do it.


  1. I don't know if the pain would hurt as much as the powerlessness of it. The I do my job, but that isn't the full job, hence so much goes down that isn't right.....and what the hell is the meaning of life? ;-0~Mary

  2. The powerlessness turns to anger and the anger turns outward and the inmates can see it in my face and they usually leave me alone when I'm in that mood. Except for the really stupid ones. But they only annoy me once when I'm really mad.
    The meaning of life?
    To crush your enemies
    And see them driven before you
    And to hear the lamentation of their women.
    Or so Conan says, anyway.
    Works for me.

  3. As I get older i realize that having pain is better than the alternative----not having pain means i'm dead.
    loopy in life

  4. I'll take the pain over the alternative, for sure. There's always tylenol.