Friday, February 13, 2009

Out On Strike!

No, no. Not us. That would be frightening. And illegal, I think.

No, my post today, thanks to Guy is about what happens when the offenders go on hunger strike.

This is a fairly common thing. Some of them still think we care and they assume that by going on hunger strike it will get them some attention to whatever imagined plight they are being aggrieved by and maybe even garner a little sympathy.

Uhh........ nope.

Alot of these guys will declare hunger strike and then make a deal with a friend down the walk to send them some of their food to tide them over. That used to work a few years ago, but not now. The first thing we do now is put a "snake", which is six foot section of fire hose filled with sand, in front of their door to make it more difficult, if not impossible to get things into their cell under the door. That maneuver right there will usually stop most hunger strikes within a day or so. The poor little darlin's will get hungry and give up. They got no strength in their convictions.

For those who manage to hang on for more than a couple of days, no "official" notice is taken until they have missed eleven meals. Then they have to be seen by medical. And if it continues, then they will be taken to the infirmary and fed by a tube down their throat. This has only happened once or twice by my recollection.

But throughout this whole process, whatever "plight" they are advertising is studiously ignored. They are informed that we will never negotiate during any kind of hostage situation and that we are considering that they are holding themselves hostage and unless they decide to stop their shenanigans and cooperate, then they will get no cooperation from us. They will be offered food and the basic necessities of life on a regular basis, but nothing else.

It's a good system and it seems to work. And we are constantly refining the details.


  1. Thanks for the topic.
    By the way, I have to complain again, the white letter on the black background makes me see lines for about a half hour after moving from your site. Mercy on us old guys...

  2. #1 - i like the white background. thank you (from g who is a hell of a lot younger than crusty 'ol guy) :-)

    #2 - if you aren't mentally and spiritually strong as Jesus or Ghandi, you have no business with a hunger strike.

  3. I kind of liked my dark and austere white on black, but this isn't too bad. I can live with it. Truth is, I spent so much time on the dashboard that I rarely looked at the blog itself anymore. So it's all good. I like my readers to feel comfortable. It's only the inmates I like to make uneasy.

  4. I too am very pleased to see the new background color. Well, technically white is the absence of color, but you know what I mean.
    And what is Guy complaining about. I think I remember that he too had white on black when he first started out almost 3 years ago with his blog.

    (ingspin) <-- a mafioso Kingpin that has mild dyslexia.

  5. Not blogged on this site before. BUT I feel I know many of you.


  6. Hey Doc! Heck, you probably do know many of us. We're a lovable bunch. (grin)