Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PBS- A Recurring Theme

I don't know why these young knuckleheads seem to have a fascination with poop. I don't see the attraction here, myself.

I've decided to call it "Poop Boy Syndrome" or just PBS for short.

Since our last Poop Boy transferred I knew another one would be along soon and, sure enough, he made his debut tonight.

Another 19 year old punk who thinks if he acts crazy enough we'll just leave him alone or maybe even kick him out of prison or something. First he said he was going to kill himself and when that didn't get him special treatment, he flooded his cell. And when that didn't work, he wrote on the cell walls with poop. And that didn't work either, so now he's just mad.

This young dipstick is under the impression that if he goes to a C-5 camp, things will be different. I really believe that he is under the impression that in C-5 camps, the officers are afraid of the offenders and just let them do whatever they want.

Heh.. heh... heh.....

I got news for him, and it aint good.

I got a feeling that this young lad is in for a rude awakening real soon.

What a maroon.

I really love my job, sometimes. Karma is a real mother.


  1. So what happens in C-5?

  2. what's he tryin to do? out doo poop boy?

    there can only be one...

  3. of course, even batman had robin.

  4. Try2- A C-5 camp is the high security prison. We don't have supermaxes in this state, but the C-5 camps are the closest thing we have. And this little knucklehead is well on his way to going there. Most of the other inmates there won't put up with smelling his poop and the officers won't either. He's going to get thumped.

    g- I wish there was only one. Ol' PB was more like #30. And that's just by my reckoning. I've only been there five years. I wish there could only be one. There's always one. Sometimes more. I remember when we had three at once. You could smell my house halfway across the camp. That was nasty.