Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Demographics

It was one of those rare odd nights when exactly nothing went on.



Qui..... oops. Almost jinxed somebody.

Boring to say the least.

We had Officer Screech down there tonight. She doesn't sit still well at all. She and Chuck went out to search a few dozen cells just to keep her occupied. We were afraid if we made her sit still too long, she would burst into flames.

Ah well. It was good for both of them.

BG and I had alot of time for introspection out on the rec yard. We chatted about this and that and got off into a few war stories.

Well, not really war stories. Both of us were ex-military but had never really seen any combat. I, for one, am really really happy about that. But there are alot of us who have seen it and a few of our brothers and sisters in the polyester blue line that are in the thick of it even as we speak.

At any rate, it occurred to me that an awful lot of the people working here are either ex-military or active reserve or guard. I started ticking names off on my fingers and came up with an awful lot of names.

I asked BG what percentage of the staff here in Raccoon City were military or ex and he replied "About a third."

He held up three fingers and touched the first one. "Truck drivers."

The second finger. "WalMart employees."

The third finger. "Military. That covers 99% of them, I think."

By jove, I think he's right.

Enough of an odd demographic to make a statistician reach for the zantac.


  1. WalMart employees? What you need is a few ex postal workers to keep your charges in line. :-X

  2. Wow Rev, I can't believe I never considered that before, but your absolutely right. Military, truck drivers, Wal-Mart employees. Either that's a reflection of the rural area in which we reside, or Corrections draws or purposely hires those with anti-social behavior. Now that odd video test you take when you get apply makes sense.......

  3. Amy- Most of us are mostly postal anyway.

    BA- I think it's more that the department draws antisocial types. If we were bright and cheery we would work in admin outside the fence. The video test scares the square folks, i think.