Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Not bad, All Things Considered

What can you say about a day that just wasn't all that bad? We started the day with everything pretty much squared away. No crises or big messes to clean up.

For a Tuesday, that's pretty rare.

We had plenty of empty beds and sure enough they were filling them up just as fast as they could. We knew that was going to happen.

The one suspenseful point turned out to be a non-event. We got a call that they were sending someone down for suicide watch.

No big deal, it happens all of the time. We had an empty camera cell so it was no biggie.

But about two minutes after we got the call, here comes the dude through the door being personally escorted by Lt. Strong and Sgt Squirrel from the yard and they are both holding onto him pretty tight. A little light went off in my head and I said "Oh snap! This can't be good!" So we all went piling in there after him.

But the kid stripped out and put on his smock and laid down and was no problem. They thought that there might be, hence the hefty escort. Some poor wobblehead kid who hasn't gotten into the program yet and wasn't taking his meds again. Nutty as squirrel poop.

But all in all it just wasn't a bad night. Busy as hell, but we work together well and we got things done in short time.

Heck, we even took time out to have a short rubber band war in the office.

Gotta break up the night somehow. And I think we finally taught Ms. Dollface not to start any snap with the boys from the Hive. She thought we were soft. Didn't realize that we work as a team.

Hopefully we didn't leave any permanent marks.

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