Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm going to try to stop harping on this layoff/cutbacks thing until we get some more solid information. But the rumors are flying hot and fast. And deep.

And for some reason everybody above my pay grade (which is almost everybody) is backpedaling madly and saying "No no! I never said we were going to make those cuts! It wasn't me that said that! I wasn't even in the loop on that decision!"

Gee....... imagine that.

I can almost hear Johnny Cash in the background singing "No no no it aint me, babe. It aint me yer lookin' for...... babe."

All of the sudden they realized that it wasn't such a good idea and now nobody wants to take the blame for making the call.

I wonder if the Direktor is sitting in his plush leather office chair and saying "Cuts? What cuts? Nobody told me anything about making cuts! Whose idea was that?"

And yes, I realize I spelled it wrong. I did it on purpose.

The Boss man is still fighting the good fight, trying to keep a few of us around. And poor Chuck is trying to learn how to do everything, just in case he gets left holding the sack.

It's a big sack, Chuckie. Use both hands. You can do it. I have faith in you.


  1. Was that your best Mel Brooks impersonation?

  2. Interesting you choose the Johnny Cash version over the Bob Dylan version.

  3. Buddy- Mel Brooks is my muse.

    Guy- When I think of prison, I think of Johnny Cash.... and Shel Silverstein, for some odd reason.