Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Should Win

Or at least I should be in the running for the damn Nobel prize.

Although I have trouble seeing myself as a peace maker.

Coming down the walk towards the Hive today and I can hear that lunatic Dip Set screaming at the top of his lungs and beating on his cell door. Hoo boy.

The first thing day shift tells me is he's calling code 16's, trying anything he can to get out of the cell and get some attention. He says he's having chest pains. He says he is having trouble breathing. Yeah, right. They can hear him screaming all over the camp and he's having trouble breathing. He's suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. He's having withdrawls from his meds. He's having side affects from his meds. (which is it?)

He's being a general pain in the butt and out of control and they don't want to open his cell door.

I can understand that. As big and crazy as he is, he can be a handful. And I can hear him screaming and beating on his door.

I go walking into C-wing and he immediately starts screaming my name. "Rev! Get over her Rev! You gotta talk to me! You gotta help me! Reeeeeev!"

Of course, he doesn't really call me "Rev". He uses my name. Anyway.

So I go wandering over there and in a very calm voice say "So, what's up, Dip Set? Why you being so loud?"

He immediately lowers his voice several levels (thank goodness) and says "Where you been, man? Were you on vacation?"

"No, I was home sick for the last couple of days. I was sick as a dog."

His voice drops even lower. "I'm sorry to hear that." He says. "You okay, man?"

"I'm feeling better. Still a little weak from the fever and I have a headache. All this noise doesn't help, you know?"

"I'm sorry, Rev." He says, even quieter. "I'll try to be quiet. You take it easy, man. Feel better."

"Thanks, Dip Set. I appreciate your help."

And he wasn't a problem for most of the rest of the night.

Some times it's just that easy.

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  1. the power of the rev.

    can you come to my office and calm some of my cubbie mates down? pretty please?