Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Dirty Trick

When someone is sentenced to prison, they basically end up with four different dates to get back out again.

The first is a "Good Time" date, which means if they do their time and finish whatever programs they have to do in that amount of time and don't get into any trouble, they get out early.

The second is a "Presumptive parole" date. If they do their time and don't get into too much trouble and the parole board thinks they have learned their lesson, they get out early, but not as early as the good time date.

The third is the "Conditional Release" date. Which means they can get into some trouble but as long as they do not assault a staff member or try to escape they can get out a little early, but not as early as the other two.

And finally is the "Maximum Release" date or "12/12" as the inmates call it. (I don't know why) That is the maximum run of their sentence and the final date they must be released from prison. Most of the knuckleheads in the Hive are 12/12ing their sentences. I have helped a few of them reach that goal.

One of the knuckleheads we had on the meal loaf (the one who screamed at me and called me "fa**ot for eight hours) had a CR date for monday. He really thought he was getting out and going home in the morning.

What he didn't realize was that since he had racked up several assaults on staff for throwing things at them, the parole board had yanked his date. They were 12/12ing him and transferring him to another camp. A C-5 camp where they don't play lightly with that sort of thing.

We were told not to tell him that he was transferring in the morning. They thought that if he found out, he would go on suicide watch and he wouldn't get transferred. We can't transfer someone on suicide watch.

So we told him nothing.

And when they came to get him in the morning they told him he had to get on the transfer bus to go to the next prison down the road to get released. He was apparently happy as a clam and went willingly.

I don't know what happened when he got to the next camp and they told him he wasn't going home.

But I'll bet it wasn't pretty.

When he left here he had eight violations pending. I think two of them at least were for assaults on staff. My guess is that they will try to prosecute him on at least one of them and give him a few more (8-10) years.

So a fool who had a measly two year bit who could have probably gotten out in nine months now gets to do his whole bit and maybe make it fivefold.

What a jerk.

It still was kind of a dirty trick, but he deserved it.

My goal in life is to never once be a stupid as that guy.

I've been successful so far.


  1. Surely he knew this might happen?

  2. Some people should get everything they don't deserve and then some.

  3. He apparently puts a lot of effort into being that stupid.
    People like that will always blame everyone else for their problems too.
    That was a dirty trick. But it is hard to feel bad for him. E

  4. I try very very hard not to judge these guys, it isn't my job. I am about as close to a hug-a-thug as the Hive has these days. But this guy, there is no hope for him. My sincere hope for him is that he keeps screwing up and stays inside for life. No one needs this guy for a neighbor.

  5. One of the people I work with recently revealed she had a much older brother that went to prison for burglary. If he'd toed the line he would have been out in a year. It's now been 15 yrs and last week he got 3 more years for beating his cell mate 1/2 to death. She admitted the family would not be upset if he never gets out.

  6. Dirty trick? Yep, but I think it's one of those little necessities to keeping the peace. If that guy had found out he wasn't being released before the transfer, someone could have been hurt.