Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apparently I'm Intimidating

Even out of uniform, I'm scary looking. Or maybe I'm scarier out of uniform.

I dunno.

My daughter plays World Of Warcraft. The old fashioned way, with the cards and the geeky dice and all. Her and her boyfriend had been invited to play at a card shop in town with some other kids. The wife asked if I would go and check the place out.

The last place we had in town was creepy and nasty and looked like a den of thieves. I suspect that it was. Among other things.

So I went to scope the joint out. Dressed as I usually am in tiger striped camo pants, dark glasses, a big black coat and a hat that says "Wicked".

The place was a bit scroungy, but it was more teenage hangout scroungy than actually dirty. It looked live in. Like a place a bunch of teenage geeks would gather at to play World Of Warcraft.

And to my immense surprise, that was who was there. A bunch of teenage geeks. And one girl in the whole place. My daughter.

I scoped the place out. It wasn't too bad. But I felt like a gunfighter that had just walked into the sissiest saloon in town. Everybody quit talking when I walked in. Then they started trying to be friendly. Overly friendly. I thought I might have to shoot my way back out again.

Wandered over to the corner by my daughter and watched her get her cards and stuff together for a few minutes. I could see that the place was pretty harmless.

And I had think I had made my point.

That was my kid.

Don't make me come back here again.

As soon as I walked out the door the questions began. "Who was that dude?"

She just smiled. "That's my dad!"

And she knows I got her back if something goes down.

I aint afraid of no geeks.


  1. I'm glad to calm my dad. I'm glad that i have him to protect me and i know that he will be there to do it no matter what. love you dad

  2. If I would've had to go, you'd both still be explaining.

  3. Better then them knowing you from where you work.

  4. Megs- Love you too, baby.

    Vinnie- You probably would have ended up staying and playing a round or two.

    Guy- I'm sure it came up in the conversation after I left. She's somewhat proud of her "badas*" dad.

  5. Your hat says "wicked"??

    Megan, you're very lucky to have a protective Dad. Wish mine would have been.

  6. Then there's your dad..........

  7. Being a dad kinda does something to you, dunnit? I remember the change coming over me after my Lad was born. Suddenly I didn't have a brain, I had an Organic Threat Assessment and Targeting Computer. Every room you enter is viewed through the lense of "What in this room can hurt my kid and how can I end it?"

  8. Tango- Wicked, like the musical. On the back it says "defy gravity".

    BB- Between becoming a CO and a dad pretty much at the same time I went from the nicest guy in the world to this scary monster who stares down stray teenagers. Both experiences are twisting me.

  9. darev,

    Yeah, I can see that. I have acouple of memories that I won't share here that brought home to me just what a heartless bastard I can be if that's what protecting the offspring requires.