Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keep Yer Lip Zipped!

In prison, there are two kinds of inmates. The ones with sex cases and the ones without sex cases.

If you don't have a sex case, you talk smack about those who do. If you do have a sex case, you don't talk about it. Or you act like you don't have one.

About half of the time the inmates who talk the biggest crap about the ones with one of "those" cases have one themselves.

Tonight we had some knucklehead kicking on his door screaming for a medical emergency. When KP got up there he handed out a barely legible note stating that he feared for his life from his cellie. When we got him out, he said that his cellie found out what kind of case he had and was threatening him.

So we moved him to another cell. And when his new cellie asked him why he got moved, he told him. And his new cellie promptly thumped him a few times. And the next thing we know the dude is kicking on his door screaming code 16 again.

Time spent with the old cellie: 1 week.

Time spent with the new cellie: 3 minutes.

Time invested in moving people around and writing paperwork: about 3 hours.

Now the knucklehead and his cellie are in C-wing under investigation for an assault. The stupid kid who thumped him could possibly get 5-8 years added on to his sentence.

Some times you just gotta know when to shut yer pie hole.

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