Monday, January 4, 2010

Am I Boring?

Last week I learned from a third or forth hand source that I was under investigation for my blogging.

Somebody made the accusation that there was a blog out there about the Hive and it was "naming names and pointing fingers and trashing the place." And that there were references to staff misconduct and unreported uses of force.

And of course, everybody started saying "Well, Rev has his blog......"

To which I replied "Who? Me?"

My name isn't on a blog anywhere that I know of.

But I started looking around and asking questions about whether there might be another blog going. Nobody in the Hive crew knew anything about one.

I started preparing my defense, just in case. I really didn't want to get harassed about my blogging habits and i didn't want to give it up, either. I really like coming here and getting all of this crap off of my chest every night. It's good therapy. I had written down the name of the area ACLU lawyer just in case I got the chance to drop that name in the course of the conversation.

Turns out I didn't need it after all.

Today i heard that they were dropping the investigation. Apparently the investigator spent several hours reading my backlog of posts and couldn't find anything wrong with what i was doing.

Then he said my blog was "boring."

Hey, now!

So I'm not Tom Clancy. Sue me.

If you want to read about excitement every night, people are going to get hurt. And I don't think anybody wants that. I'm getting too old for that kind of silliness.

Boring...... sheesh.


  1. Maybe it's boring to those who deal with it every day, but for a guy that never has contact with people, running a parts department for big trucks... If I didn't have you, MM and Judge Judy, I would probably start taking hostages.

    Now that we have an open dialect... What's your beef with Glocks?

  2. Buddy Craigg- Nice to meet you. A large problem I had with the changeover to the glocks was the retention holsters that came with them. They were so stiff you couldn't get your weapon out half of the time. But the pistols themselves were too light for one thing. Made them jump around too much. I'm a revolver man for the most part, although my weapon of choice is a .45 1911. Plus I thought going to a smaller caliber weapon was a mistake. The same reason the police got rid of them. No stopping power. If I am going to draw my weapon on someone they are going to stop doing what they are doing permanently. A .45 will do that. Those 9mm holes were just way too small to be effective.

  3. you are not boring at all. they are just douches.

  4. selkie- Thank you. And while I won't agree with you publicly.... well, you know. Thanks.