Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Radio Comedy

If you haven't noticed yet, I have a sense of humor. It may not be as "refined" as most peoples, and it probably borders on crude and adolescent at times, but I do know a good laugh when I see one.

As a matter of fact, alot of the things I find really funny (especially at work) would make most non-correctional people lose their lunch.

But some of the stuff is just funny no matter who you are.

We have a radio that farts when you key the microphone. It doesn't do it every time, but just often enough to get the whole camp chuckling. When it gets keyed up it goes "Frrrrrrrrrrrrrt!" and sounds like you have your microphone down your pants.

One of the lucky guys on A-yard had that very radio tonight.

And the urge to misuse that malfunction was great. I kept wanting to call him on the radio just to hear that noise. Like this:
"45 to 67"
"Frrrrrrrrrrt! 10-4"

I didn't do it, but damn it was tempting.

I'll be even Queen Victoria would have been amused.


  1. Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning. I love fart humor. I'll have to listen for that radio in the future.

  2. Guys and fart jokes. Much like potatoes and gravy.

  3. Peggy Sue- It's hilarious. I've gotten it before. It's funny when you know it's coming.

    Amy- Like two peas in a pot!

    Squiddly- I take it you've gotten that one too? (grin)