Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where There's Smoke.....

I've mentioned a few times about our new fire alarm system. I'm sure the state spent a bazillion dollars on it. So far we have had at least two dozen false alarms since the system went online.

Granted, some of the alarms have actually been for smoke. The inmates burn "wicks".. tightly rolled toilet paper that burns slowly and smolders until you blow on it to make a flame. That way someone with a lighter can share a light with everyone in the wing. And apparently the smoke was pretty thick in A-wing last night. Thick enough that it set the fire alarm off three times in a row.

After the third time the captain said "Shut it down and search the whole wing. Clean the place out."

So we did.

Everything else stopped. Extra staff came in and we searched the entire wing from top to bottom (including the old "squat and cough" thing) and cleaned them out again. I think this is the third time A-wing has been done like this in the past week.

We got a bit of tobacco and a couple of lighters, alot of trash, a few violations and alot of whining. And we had the dorm worker in there sweeping the stuff up and made sure it all went into the trash can and out of the wing before we left so none of it would make it back into the cells.

Man, that pisses them off....

Afterwards we stood outside smoking and we could hear them in the wing complaining. I could hear one offender say "We need to get more wicks going and hang them in the vents so the smoke alarms go off ten times a shift. Then they'll stop this bullsh*t."

That's what he thinks.

They were already mad that their mail was late getting to them because of the search. Just wait until the first time their dinner is late. Leave it sitting on the cart out in the sally port until we get done searching the wing.

Ohhhhh snap! That would really piss them off.

And of course, that would make the food service workers have to stay late and that would piss them off and they'd stop bringing stuff in......


The offenders in the other wings are already pissed off at the ones in A-wing over last night. Because their mail was late, too. And the ones in B-wing are especially mad because their rec got cancelled because of the search.

Just a couple more times and we'll get A-wing nailed to the floor. I imagine that in the next search or so someone will get pissed off enough that they'll end up getting sprayed. Between having their stuff torn up for the umpteenth time and their mail and meal late and having to smell pepper spray all night long........

Well, it just doesn't get much better than that, now does it?


  1. where there "new" detectors put in for the new system? it sounds like the problem might be in the location of the dectors, or maybe the new detectors are just the "improved" model, can detect more smoke from farther away....i dunnoo...
    da loop

  2. Hey Darev......if you ever need a diversion, come visit the "home" board...

    also called:Home, where they have to let you in.
    not to big a place but they let me in and I'm allowed to blow off steam there too.
    da loop

  3. Where there's smoke, there's somone in A-Wing thinking they're smarter than the system.
    The worst part about ADSEG is if you violate someone, you have to deal with them longer.
    ut A mass search of the house might turn up Jimmy Hoffa.