Monday, April 6, 2009

No Sense Of Humor

All the time I have been working for the DOC one of the things I have always kept alive is my sense of humor.

It keeps me coming in to work every day.

It keeps me smiling through the pain and anger.

It's kept me alive and still in one piece through some traumatic crap.

I think it may have kept a few other people alive, as well.

It just keeps me going.

My motto has always been: "Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck."

If I can't have a sense of humor about working in such a horrible place, then I won't do it anymore. I'll go back to cleaning motel rooms for minimum wage instead.

Some people who work here have no sense of humor. Or they have one when it suits them but if a joke is even remotely aimed in their direction, then it goes away. They have such small lives that they can't take a joke at all.

Most of those people have reached positions of authority. Maybe it's a prerequisite for being a supervisor.

I'm happy to stay a lowly peon, then.

I'll keep my sense of humor stoked and burning as much as I can. It's the way I deal with all the b.s. that's going on around me. I have a temper, and I know that. I keep it in check as much as I am able. I get mad and it shows and then I get better and start cracking bad jokes again.

It's what I do.

If you don't have a sense of humor, then you need to find other employment, because you are not going to make it out of here with your mind intact.

If you can't take a joke, then you need to find another circus.

Or at least get a life.


  1. Jocularity, in any form, is strictly prohibited!

    - The Management

  2. BA- S'truth! And that's just one more lieutenant who will find me less than receptive to whatever bullshit he spews out. Pissed me off for no good reason other than to stroke his tiny ego, I guess. Jackass.

  3. ditto. if you think i'm serious, you don't know me.

  4. I think most of us have a sense of humor, but the ones that don't show it, are the ones that get their nuts caught in their zipper every morning!

    As for me, I have a spare set that I use for work!