Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am going to endeavour to be polite about this.

It probably won't happen, tho.

We have a good crew. We had a good crew.

Things are getting a bit flaky, tho.

Vinnie, of course, is out with an injury and has bid into a new job, anyway. He would have started in the control center if he wasn't on light duty. Chuck is out for the week for training. Sarge might or might not be in, as is his whim. And the same for GG (Goth Girl), our bubble officer. She may or may not show up.

I'm sure Big M will be there.... he always is. With GM hot on his heels. Or visa-versa.

So we will have at least two stand-ins for regular house crew today. Maybe more.

That just rarely turns out well.

There was a time when you only got people who knew what they were doing down in the Hive. The lieutenants didn't like doing paperwork, so they sent down people who were the least likely to cause them any.

Not any more. They'll just put a body in a spot and to hell with any considerations.

So we will have at least two people who don't know how to work the house. Maybe four, including the sarge if he doesn't show. Anybody else calls out and we might be in real trouble.

I know we all have to start somewhere. I was a stand in once myself. The regular sarge down there didn't like me at all when I first started until I showed him I knew what I was doing. But it's hard enough just to keep the place running without having to train someone new.

The guy they are sending me tonight is fresh out of the academy and doesn't have a clue. The little I have worked with him has left a bad impression. He's overconfident and talks way too much. Thinks he can do things that he can't. Not good.

If I wasn't such a dedicated prick, I'd call out myself.

I do feel a bit of a sniffle coming on.....


  1. I feel a sniffle also, but I still have to go to the basement and stoke the wood burner, even tho' i get wood slivers in my hands, and it hurts my back, and i don't get paid for it......:)

  2. Loopy- I went in anyway. I didn't want to, but I did. It was almost as bad as I had feared. At least the Sarge showed, so we were good there.