Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate that sort of thing. No matter what you are celebrating the rebirth of, it's still a day for making kids happy. It's a good kind of celebration.

This is another one of those holidays where it's somewhat depressing to be working in a prison. I'm not a particularly religious person. Not how I was raised. But I do remember as a kid getting dressed up and going out to hunt eggs and candy with the other kids. And I remember going to my grammas house for a big easter dinner. Good times.

Now I will be hunting shanks and lighters and sitting down to a steaming tray of Purina Inmate Chow. Artificial Imitation Food Substitute.


They will have organized games out on the yard. Races and skill games and tournaments and the like. The winners will get six packs of soda. The chapels will be open and running full tilt.

I'm not going to say what I suspect will be going on in the chapels.

I've heard stories.

Pointing my finger at that would get me into alot of trouble.

'Nuff said!

So I'm just waiting for my daughter to open her sleepy eyes and come staggering out of her room to claim her easter goodies. Not much candy this year (she's not big on sweets), instead we got her the book she's been wanting so bad (the latest in the "Twilight" series), new headphones for her ipod and some fun stuff she can show off to her friends.

I'll bask in the glow of making her happy for a little while, then I'll gird my loins and totter off to my profession of making other people miserable.

It's a living.


  1. Easter has not been a good holiday for us. We had a dog pass away on Easter Sunday while we were building the house. One of our current dogs shattered her leg on an Easter. Her brother tried to impale himself on a garden stake on a Saturday before Easter. The previously broken dog broke a footie bone recently an is in a cast this easter.

    For some reason we've developed the tradition of being very nervous on Easter and making our pets walk very slowly.

    So I'm not real happy about Easter either.

  2. ""No matter what you are celebrating the rebirth of, it's still a day for making kids happy""

    Ditto, darev...i feel the same way

  3. Anon- A word to the wise: Dogs and Easter, a Dangerous Combination!

    Loopy- Right on! There's only two reasons to have holidays, in my book. 1. To make kids happy and 2. To get a paid day off of work.