Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Punks

What a bitch of a night. We finally get a night with a few empty beds so we thought we would have an easy one and could absorb a lockup or two without too much trouble.


All the babies and punks in the house decided to check in from their cellies to try and get in with their paramours. Their boyfriends or girlfriends or whatever they are.

No workee.

And the last little punk that I moved, some little 19 year old game player who always claims someone beat him up or threatened to beat him up to get protection, I had heard him out on the rec yard telling another offender he was going to try and move into the cell with him. And when we come back in from rec he tells me he's not going back in the cell because he fears for his life.

The jerk.

We had already done five or six room moves because of the little games they were playing. It was almost the end of my shift and I got a little pissed. I knew he wanted to go into a cell in B-wing so I moved his little punk butt into C-wing.

Little jagoff had been in the cell with the dude for two weeks with no problems and waits til the end of the night to play his little game. I got right in his face and told him it was bullsh*t. He starts whining to see the Sergeant and when Sarge comes in he says "I'm just trying to check out of my cell and that C.O. cussed at me!" Sarge just looked at him and said "So?"

Way to go, Sarge.

It probably wasn't real professional of me to cuss at him just because he's stupid. But it had been a long night and I was getting tired and cranky. And he needs to grow up and learn that he's in prison and not in kindergarten anymore. And I think I'm entitled to blow off a little now and then.


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  1. hey what can ya say? it's spring and the racoons are restless.
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