Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just A Little Pissed Off About This

The other day I had a few minutes to kill and decided to get into the computer system at work and see how a few of my old charges were getting along.

Many of them ,it seems, haven't gotten any smarter at all and are still in the hole in other camps, probably until they die.

But then I tried to look up old Poop Boy.

If you remember, Ol' PB was down doing ten years for doing something nasty to a child. He was supposed to do some sex offender "treatment" program but never made it there. He got himself locked up straight away so he wouldn't have to do his time out on the hill with the other big bad inmates.

And then he started his cutting himself and playing in his poop so we would think he's crazy and send him to a mental hospital instead.

That didn't work and we got him rolled to a higher security camp so he could play his games with the big boys.


Apparently some judge took pity on the poor lad or some slick talking lawyer (no offense to all the lawyers, but you do have some skeezy ones out there) got him a deal and no Poop Boy is loose out on the streets on probation!!!

The little S.O.B. did less than seven months on a ten year sentence for molesting a child and is now walking the streets like he's been rehabilitated.

I'm more than just a little pissed off about this.

No treatment. No prison time to speak of. Just seven months and a slap on the hand and "Don't do it again".

And how many of you think this little creep has learned his lesson? And what do you want to bet he moved right back into the same house he was living in before, probably at least within walking distance of his victim(s)? And how do you think he/she/they feel about this? Has justice been served?

Snap, no.

I know that if I went out on my front porch and smoked a joint I would get at least five years flat AND have to do mandatory drug and alcohol treatment before I could be considered "rehabilitated" enough to rejoin society.

But this little creep........... Oooooooooh.

This makes me mad, if you can't tell.

I had put this post off for a couple of days hoping I would calm down about it some and maybe be able to draw it to a conclusion.

Apparently, that hasn't worked.

Just suffice to say that I am angry and sickened by the whole deal and disillusioned by the system. Not that I had alot of faith in the system to begin with, mind you.

Be mindful of who is walking your streets. They are out there. Free as birds.


  1. I'm just as angry about this as you. From what I've read, it's virtually impossible to rehab these people anyhow. They need to be kept in lockup.

  2. That's not what needs to be done with them, but I can't really say how I feel about that. Suffice to say i think they should be released into the custody of the relatives of their victims and leave it at that.

  3. he'll be back. sadly, he's not rehab'd. without a cure, the disease still looms. unfortunately, another child will have to be victimized for our justice system to inflict (real) punishment.

    i'm angry and sad with you.

  4. I agree with you, Rev. I have two daughters and would gladly vote for mandatory death penalty on child molesters. No stays, no contest, just death. We'd probably see a few less folks willing to risk it all for the thrill if we started killing off their contemporaries.

  5. a small bit of hope here in mich is the sex offender list, just this year they added pictures to the registered offenders addresses, at least we can find out if they are close to us, but it is a very scary thing when they release these people.

  6. omg Rev that is bloody awful!!!
    in England you get 3 straight months for not having a tv licence
    arghhhhhhhh it makes me so mad, im so sorry that you have to deal with this crap everyday, and I didnt know ol poop boy was a pedophile!!

  7. g- I have no doubt he'll be back. That's the scary thing. Maybe the next parent of a scarred child will do us all a favor.

    Mel- I agree wholeheartedly. If anybody touched my daughter I would probably do them myself. I think I would happily go to prison for that.

    Loopy- Our state doesn't have pictures yet, but it does give us maps to their home addresses. Or at least where they tell their parole officers they are living, anyway.

    Anon- I didn't mention his sentence in the previous Poop Boy posts because it was enough that he was just a pathetic loser. Truth is, I didn't look because I usually don't want to know what they did. Most of our prison is sex offenders ans I have to deal with them every day. It's often very hard to keep my cool. And just for the record, what is a t.v. license?

  8. haha a tv licence is the genious idea of the british broadcasting corporation [bbc] to charge everyone in the country a flat fee to own a television set its currently £130 a year..for a piece of paper! if you dont buy this you get a HUGE fine
    if you cant pay huge fine you go to jail 3 straight months,as I said GENIOUS.......pah