Monday, April 27, 2009

No-Flag Day

This was just odd. One of those WTF moments that caught me sideways and I thought I might infect everyone else with it, while I had the chance. It worked.

The one thing I always do when I drive into the parking lot is look up at our flagpole. I don't know why I do it, I just do. We always have two flags flying, the stars and stripes and our state flag.

Yesterday there was nothing there.




No flags at all.

That wasn't right.

So I went inside and asked the officer at the front desk "Where the hell is our flag?"

He didn't have a clue. Didn't even know it was missing. Suggested I ask his sergeant. So I went up to the window of the control center, banged on the glass and shouted "Where the hell is our flag?"

He didn't know either. Just like his evil little minion at the front desk, he hadn't even noticed it was missing.

I suggested he start making phone calls to correct the situation.

Amazingly enough, he did.

Suspecting my work still wasn't done, I went through to central and into the lieutenants office. Once there I stood up on my hinds legs and again shouted "Where the hell is our flag?"

They were dumbfounded that it was missing. It was suggested that maybe it would have blown away in the wind. I could see it happening to one flag, but not both at the same time. One of those suspicious bastards suggested that I had made off with them as some sort of joke.

I was appalled.


Affronted. Aloud.

I suggested (in a somewhat injured tone) that they make some phone calls to rectify the situation.

Amazingly enough, they did.

I don't think they ever did find our flags. They were still not in evidence when I left for the evening.

But it least I gave the paper pushers up front something to do for a little while. If you don't rough them up now and then and get their blood flowing, they start to atrophy. Their butts begin to adhere to the desk chairs and it gets harder and harder to pry them loose.

I still want to know what happened to our flags, tho.

If they are not there this evening, I'm going to see the warden.

There's no real reason to stir the pot, other than for my own amusement. But if you gotta stir it, you might as well use the biggest spoon you can find.


  1. And, what better thing to stir the pot about. You cannot come out of this looking like anything but golden. After all, who in your line of work would be against flying the US and state flag out in front of the place? Damn if this one didn't just fall into your lap.

  2. thank you for flagging this.

  3. Joe- It was serendipity. Got to stir up a bunch of ninnies with very little effort. And our flags were back up the next day. never did get an explanation.

    g- You are such a dork! Have I mentioned that before?

  4. sometimes all i have are my drive by comments.


  5. g- I always appreciate your comments. But you're still a dork.

  6. Good Catch!

    One day recently the US flag was half staff and the state flying high. I never did find out what that was about.

    And since I am just a contract employee, I would have been tossed out if I would have said anything...