Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling Antisocial

But then, I'm always antisocial. It's why I do what I do. If I liked being around people, I would hang around with a better class of people.

No, that didn't come out right.

I was referring to the inmates.

But I don't "socialize" with the people I work with, either. Hell, I don't socialize with anybody. When I'm at work, I try to be friendly to most of the folks I work with. For the most part, they are decent people.

Granted, we have a few snapheads on our staff, but who doesn't?

But when I'm off work I crawl into my little 'puter corner and if someone invades my space, I bare my teeth and growl. Not a real social butterfly, me.

One of the main reasons I don't hang out with the people I work with is that when something goes bad, then you still have to work with that person. And in this line of work, that can be dangerous. I don't want someone to hesitate coming to my aid because they're pissed off at me. It's like crapping in your own bed. Eventually, you are going to have to lie down in it.

But I see alot of it going around. Some of it is just friendly stuff. Going to barbecues and fishing trips, etc. There's nothing harmful in that. Being friends. Doing stuff together.

And then there's the ones that go too far and get "involved". Physically... romantically.

That rarely, if ever, turns out well. And then there are hurt feelings and it makes everybody uncomfortable to be around.

There's alot of that going around, too. And it's always ugly.

Think I'll just stick with being antisocial.

It's much safer.


  1. When I worked for the USPS we all hung out, but all they ever talked about was dog bite stories. I stopped hanging with that crowd when I got sick of it all.

  2. My mom and pop(the cop) used to hang out with my dads partner and his wife. They were good friends for awhile.

    Then the partner runs off with another woman, and the hurt ex thinks that my folks "YOU MUST HAVE KNOWN SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!". Nope, the guy was a weasel who hid the other gal from site.

    So the folks don't hand out with anyone like that anymore.

    Be social with the peeps you work with(BBQ's, get togethers) but as far as good friends... naw.

  3. Rev,

    I think I love you. Can I call you Mommy?

  4. Guy- We have alot of folks here who tell the same stories over and over again. That gets old quick.

    Papias- That's exactly what I'm talking about. You can get blindsided like that by your friends in a heartbeat.

    BA- If you were smaller and cuter and not a guy, I'd think about it.