Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fight Night

Three fights yesterday. Two on day shift and one on ours. It was odd.

Nobody knew for sure what was really going on. I figured it was just the weather changing. Got storms rolling in and it's getting warm. That has an effect on the mood inside the wire. I've seen it happen.

The last fighters we got on our shift had a story. One of them said something "big" was going down on the yard. Supposedly it's some big crips vs bloods thing. But I know those two players. I think someone was trying to move in on someone else's baby. The one who got the worst end of the fight is a big time player in the baby game. And when he comes to the Hive he'll claim he needs protective custody from anyone you try to cell him with until he gets a cell with a homosexual who is smaller than he is.

Tells you what a tough motherfu**er he is.

He'll even check in from his "homies" so he can cell with a baby. He comes to the Hive so he can get in a cell and get his freak on as often as he wants.

I've got nothing against anybody's sexual preference, but this guy is so slimy and transparent that he just disgusts me.

But there's always that chance that he was at least partially correct and there might be something fixing to go down on the yard.

If that happens we are going to be very very busy.

We had one available bed in the house when we left last night. Hopefully they came and did some releases this morning. But every time they do that they fill us right back up again. If we have ten beds they want to lock up twelve people.

And what do you want to bet that if they decide to lock up a bunch of the gang members "Under Investigation" as they are wont to do in sort of a pre-emptive strike to avoid the violence, they will want them all no contact with each other? I betcha.

All that does is make life more difficult for us.

Like it wasn't hard enough already.


  1. darev,
    Ever seen fights among the CO's?

    My old man got into a shoving match with another Marshall. Seems this dumbass started calling pops a 'homo'. Well, if you knew my pops, that wouldn't rank on the list of smart things to call him. (He still scares me to this day.) So pop pushes the guy into the lockers.

    So now my pops is taking some time off work, cause the lil' bastard who started it is the "cap'ns favorite", and went an told on him.

    I was thinking that dad should talk about filin' a harassment suit...

  2. Papias- There have been several fights among the officers since I have been here. I've almost been in a couple of them myself. Luckily for me, I've kept my cool.
    I think you old man should talk to the union rep about a hostile work environment suit. That kind of thing tends to make the bigwigs sweat because it can hit them in the wallet.