Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kudos Where Kudos Is Due

BG, my weekday partner and CJ, who is my replacement on my days off, did an excellent job of showing an inmate the error of his ways last weekend.

BG is a big quiet guy who rarely gets angry or even ruffled. He keeps his cool when all the rest of us are losing ours. And this is a good thing because he is a very big man. I think he could play for the Packers. Maybe he did, we aren't sure. He's stepped in a few times and kept me out of trouble because none of the offenders want to mess with him. And CJ is no little dude, either.

I'm 6'1" and about 200 pounds and both of these guys are maybe 1-1/2 times my size. They make a formidable team. I regret that CJ is only in the Hive on my days off. I never get to work with him. I'd like helping him make things go crunch. (grin)

So last weekend there was one of those incidents with the fire alarm system in A-wing. Imagine that. Those fools will never learn, it seems. They were all smoking and had set the alarm off several times. So they went in and did a mass search to pull out all of the lighters and tobacco they could find.

This one borderline knuckle/wobblehead refused to be strip searched. They took him to C-wing and into a cell alone. BG and CJ and Sgt. Strings (who is one of the biggest sargeants we have) and the fool still resisted. They ended up slamming him twice and spraying him full in the face and cutting his clothes off. Between the three of them there must have been close to 700 pounds of C.O. on top of him and he still resisted.

What an idiot.

And after all of that, he didn't even have anything on him. He ended up in C-wing with at least two violations and a face full of pepper spray and lots of bumps and bruises for nothing.

I repeat..... what an idiot.

But the lads did a bang-up job. Followed policy and did everything by the book. I don't think it taught that knucklehead anything. But that's okay. Hopefully I'll get to be there next time.

So congratulations to the Hive Crunching Team.

BG (who doesn't have internet, but will hear about this from someone else)

CJ ( I know you are reading this, dude!)

and Strings (Sarge, I'm still banging away on the guitar now and then)

You guys rule the Hive!

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