Thursday, April 23, 2009

Predatory Behavior

I've talked alot about the type of offenses that the inmates we have in our camp are locked up for. Because we have one of the few sexual offender programs in the state, a good percentage of the offenders we have in the camp are locked up for sexual crimes.

In a nutshell: rapists and child molesters.


As I have said before, I try not to know what they did, for the most part. I don't want to know. I try my best to treat everybody the same. Our motto is: "Firm, Fair and Consistent."

It doesn't always work.

There are some here who are going to persist in their predatory ways no matter what. They are going to try every trick in their arsenal to try to find something to stick their dinky in and, failing that, they will stand at the cell window and repaint the door, so to speak.

I've intercepted a thousand notes to female staff members, professing their love and admiration and promising things like "I am not a creep, like those other guys" and begging them to write to them under assumed names.

That kind of thing gets my dander up.

I try to watch out and protect any staff member. Even the ones I don't personally like very much. But I get even more protective of the female staff members. Kind of chauvinistic of me, I know. Most of those women are tougher (and meaner) than I am. A woman in a male prison will fight like a rabid wolverine when the chips are down. I've seen it happen.

But I still tend to be over protective of the girls. Even the ones I don't like. It's my wiring.

Our state is one of the few that have predator laws for just such offenders. If they go to prison for a sex related case and continue to get sex related violations while incarcerated and are deemed by the state to be "predators", then they can be sent to a "Predator Unit" until they are deemed to be "rehabilitated". This can be for weeks or years of life..... until they are no longer predators.

I'm not sure what all goes on in that unit. I'm assuming classes and therapy. Don't have a clue. Personally, I think that having classes and therapy is a waste of the taxpayers money. Once one of these punks is identified as a predator they should be shoved in a large dank hole with the rest of them and left until they are completely rehabilitated or dead, whichever comes last.

Gee.... kinda left my feelings hanging out there, didn't I?

In my opinion, no amount of therapy or finger-painting is ever going to cure a sexual predator. It's been shown that chemical castration is ineffective because it's not permanent. And actual castration is unconstitutional.

All we are left with is perpetual incarceration. Good enough, I guess.

But we have to put up with their slimy little games until their regular sentence runs out before they can be sent to the special unit.

The wait, at times, can be interminable.

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  1. As a former CO in the state of Georgia, I understand your frustration. I worked SMU and Mental Health for a couple years during my 5 year stint (worked HI-Max the whole time though), and you are right. The cure is not availablem nor can they truly be cured. They are wired this way IMHO.

    Good blog.