Friday, April 17, 2009

My Wish Came True!

I got my wish. Yay.

Today I started a nine day vacation from work.

I really needed it. Was getting horribly burnt out.

I've been fighting a head cold for two weeks now. I told everyone last night that I hoped I was sick for my first two vacation days so I could get over it.

Like I said: I got my wish. My head feels like a bag of leaky doughnut holes. Ack. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day on the couch. Gonna hammer down a few nyquil shooters and veg out on front of the teevee.

I told the fellers they better email me and tell me what's been going on in the house so I'll have something to write about for the next nine days. Otherwise I'm going to have to suck something out of my thumb every day until I get back to work. I have a few topics on the spindle, but not enough to carry me through.

We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I'm going to get more kleenex.

Be careful in there.


  1. Love your blog - hope the head cold monster lets loose of you soon.

  2. Cara- Thag you very budge. (sniffle hack wheeze drip drip drip)

  3. Please get better soon...I'm addicted to reading your stuff everyday.

  4. Normally if a head cold lasts longer than a week, it's more than a head cold. The usual culprit is sinusitis, and it's hard to get rid of on your own. Get thee to a doctor and get some antibiotics.

  5. They are dropping like flies at my office and being out aat least 3 days if not longer. It's a bad, bad bug this year. Rest, drink tea and don't mail me anything until your house is virus free.

  6. Anon- Now what am I gonna go with my used kleenex collection? Arrgh! (grin)

  7. Feel better soon, Revvie. I need to alive and healthy so I can play over here at your place sometimes.

    (beesseva)- african killer bee's term for their annual festival.

  8. 7 Days- almost eternity, Last year I took a whole month, I am still getting over it..ENJOY YOURSELF!


  9. Auntie and Doc- Getting slowly better. I can almost breathe without dripping snot. Have hardly moved from my chair for two days except to go to bed and I've gone through an entire box of kleenex. YUCKY!!!