Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacking Us Around

The fiscal crisis is hitting home again and the state is apparently on it's way to the poor house. We're destitute and on the edge of being evicted from our state. Somebody said we might get bought out by Vermont. I can see them licking their greedy lips in preparation of moving in on our real estate.

I just hope I won't have to learn a new language. What do they speak in Vermont?


The state never ceases to amaze me. They will piss away thousands (millions, even) but jack us around over pennies.

Overtime is the big issue right now. None is allowed. Period.

Unless you are Somebody, of course. Then it's okay.

We are expected to be on shift fifteen minutes early. That way if there's any vital information that needs to be passed on, the departing shift crew can relate it to you. Sometimes this can be really important. If there's somebody in the Hive throwing poop, I want to know about it before I walk in there.

I don't like surprises. Not inside the fence, anyway.

But alot of the time the departing crew just uses that fifteen minutes to burn out early. I don't begrudge them that. If there's nothing to pass on, there's nothing to pass on.

But if something happens and we're fifteen minutes (or more) late getting out, then they will pitch a fit and deny us that overtime. They say "It's a courtesy that you are on shift fifteen minutes early. It's your responsibility to leave on time."

The word has gone forth unto the land and all the folk therein: "Thou shalt accrue NO overtime."

So, they better hope that nothing happens. Because if something does, I'm putting in a slip for it. And if I get denied then I'm going to set up a howl over it.

I don't think they fully realize how bad they are screwing us and themselves at the same time. Our training is going to suffer, for sure. People become trainers mostly so they can get in extra hours. You go teach a class for four hours, then go work your normal shift. You come in and teach a class on your day off and you get eight hours of overtime.

Now, if you teach a four hour class, you can only work four hours on shift. Then you have to be replaced by someone else when you leave. That is, if we have anyone to replace you with. If not, then we work a body short. And if you teach a class on your day off, then you have to take another day off of your regular week. And again, someone gets moved around to cover your spot. Or not, as is their whim.

So what happens when the trainers can't get overtime for doing their job?

They are going to quit training. Most likely.

And what will happen with E-Squad and the Dog Team and the Honor Guard when there is no longer that incentive?

A few die-hards will stay just so they can wear the E-Squad patch on their arm. But alot of them will leave the squad in disgust. I can see it happening already. I know of one Sergeant who is ready to tell them to stuff it.

Our E-Squad and Dog Team and Honor Guard used to be highly regarded all over the state because of the level of training and the amount of practice we had. When something we down somewhere else in the state, they would call on us.

I can see that changing.

One day real soon they are going to have an incident somewhere (maybe even here) and they are going to call out the E-Squad and one guy in riot gear is going to show up. And he won't be able to get into the armory because the armorer just went home because his shift was over.

And the rest of us are going to be walking out the door saying "I'd love to help, bud. But my shift is over. Good luck with that."

I don't think they fully realize that if one of us gets seriously hurt because we don't have enough people to handle an incident, it's going to cost them much more than the money they are saving by jacking us around.

Maybe we can change our name from "Correctional Center" to "Savings and Loan" and get a bailout.

Then our administration can get their year end bonuses and they won't have to suffer.

The poor things.


  1. I read an interesting article yesterday, had some tidbits about jobs and wher to go type both pages.

    The part of getting info from the department of labor seemed logical to me.....and darev? It's happening EVERYWHERE

  2. Loopy- Thanks for the article. It's good to know we're not the only ones getting the shaft. Some of the things they are doing smack of unethical if not exactly illegal. And most of it is just downright stupid. It's not going to save them any money in the long run and it's pissing everybody off. And when they run us short of people and someone gets hurt, it's going to cost them alot. And would you really want to be running a camp with several hundred prison guards pissed off at you? I know I wouldn't.

  3. Sadly many are being hosed, I still have friends in the military and they are still not getting the things they need, just yesterday received a letter from a friend in Afghanistan, he needs some magazines for his rifle...Fortunately I still have a few contacts.

    As far as this situation in the hive, we, those have done the worst nasties, execute..saves thousands and even millions!