Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm going back to evening shift! Yahooooooo! Had to take my daughter to get her permit (cringe) and swung by to check my mailbox. The job orders were out! Back to my old job doing rec in the Adseg unit.

It's funny. I did rec for four years and by the time the wife and kids talked me into going to day shift I was ready for a change of pace. Was sick of rec. Was sick of the unit. Was sick and tired of the knuckleheads who were ten feet tall and bullet proof until you opened the door. Then I got talked into bidding on the day shift job in the same house. Then I got sick of day shift and was ready for a change of pace again. And everybody practically begged me to bid on the rec job again and come back to evenings. So I did. And I got it and I'm happy about it. I just keep going back and forth but never getting anywhere. Some day I'm sure I'll finally get completely fed up with working Adseg and go somewhere else.

Apparently this isn't that day.

I'm funny like that.


  1. well ..good for you darev!
    glad you are happy....LOL
    da loop

    (untoaces)-4 aces during a poker game

  2. Cliff hates day shift, loves second shift. If he's on days, he comes home and sits in his chair and dozes all evening. On 2nd, he has several hours to piddle in the shop or plow or whatever while he's all rested, and then he goes to work. And THEY get what's left of him.

  3. Congratulations, but will you have enough to write about if you are going to be so fulfilled now ? LOL

    (prinnies)<--whiney-assed pee pants people that don't like getting their hair wet in the rain.

  4. Glad to hear you got your bid. Even happier you're staying "in house". Been sick all week, but should be back next week. I'll see what I can do about them bringing "buck" back into the house. NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR ANYBODY!!! They all love to pull crap when I'm gone...

  5. Thanks Loopy, Donna and all! I'm pretty happy, as you can tell. I'll get more time to myself and can actually get some things done now and then.

    Auntie- Trust me, I'll still have plenty to write about. Probably more.

    Adseglight- They moved him back to medical again, so that problem's solved. You just worry about getting better. The place will still be there when you come back.