Sunday, January 18, 2009

What A Warm Welcome!

Hoo. What a day it was. My first day back on evening shift and I barely made it in the front door of the place before it started. On of the guys on day shift in the control center called me over and said "You're walking into a sh*tstorm down there! They had a movement team on one guy and a use of force on another and the second guy is still sitting on the restraint bench and spitting on people!"

Then he laughed and said "Here ya go!"

Then on the way through Central I look in and there's the whole crew in one office doing paperwork and the movement team guys in the other office doing the same thing. About twelve people trying to do the same paperwork at two computers. What lunacy.

It seems the one guy went nuts and said he was going to kill himself and then refused to come out or cuff up so they had to go in on him with the team. Then after that was done and the team left they pulled this other guy out to see the nurse and he started going nuts and ended up slamming him on the ground. And when they went to put him on the bench he kicked one guy and head butted another and started spitting. I knew this one was going to happen sooner or later. The guy just kept getting nuttier and nuttier. And the jerk had less than a year to go on his sentence but now has maybe added another ten to that. What a fool.

And because of the placement of the restraint bench, if you opened C-wing door you were within spitting distance. I'm going to see if we can get something done about that.

So anyway I come in and the guy's on the bench and screaming and foaming at the mouth and spitting and threatening to kill anyone who comes near him. I figured I didn't have anything to lose by trying so I started talking to the guy. I worked up a bit of repoire with him but it didn't last long. Pretty soon he was spitting at me too and saying they were going to have to kill him if they tried to put him in a suicide cell.

Oh yeah, and he had a twenty million dollar lawsuit against us and as soon as the FBI got there we were all going to be fired.

Anyway, he was going to fight everything. He wasn't going to take a shot and he wasn't going to get off the bench and he wasn't going into a suicide cell. They'd have to kill him first.

And they dicked around and screwed around and hem-hawed and waited until third shift came on and let them deal with it. And by the time the team got down there we were trying to feed the house dinner. Had to stop right in the middle and wait til they were done. The team was there and they were pumped up and ready to go and they wanted to be careful because supposedly this guy had something you didn't want to bring home and what him spitting and all, and they were out in the sallyport and lined up ready to go bring this knucklehead down and carry him all the way to medical for his forced medications...... and he decided that he'd go ahead and walk up there and be okay.

And he did. The sucker. Just walked up there and gave them no trouble and walked back down a few hours later and went into the suicide cell and layed down by the heater and went to sleep.

I'll never believe another word that man says in his entire life.

Screwed my whole day up for nothing.

And all day people kept smiling at me and saying "Welcome back!"


  1. Bartender! A round of lethal injections, I'm buying.

  2. Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Mistah Revvy, Mistah Revvy....I really really want that lunch box!

    (vachembe)<--a type of harmonica played in Kenya by elder tribesman

  3. BA- I just can't leave you guys unattended for a minute, can I? Kids nowadays!

    Auntie- I wish it was mine, rather than a pic I scavenged. There's one on Ebay going for $200!
    And you are the veri word queen!

  4. doin the catch up reading....gheesh , i missed a lot of west coast drama, i did.

    (sycho)-----the sickos that the rev has to deal wit