Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Fine Fine Day

A fine day for doing some rec, anyway. Or so I thought. The thermometer at the auto body place said it was 18 degrees when I went to work. I thought we'd go in, ask a few, get alot of refusals and not have much to do.

Or so I thought.

We had three beds in the house when I came in and three lockups on the way down. They were going to fill us up. Then before all three of those made it down, there was a fight somewhere. Whups! Two more coming! So we kick out two and lock those two up. The they lock up two more. So we kick out two more and lock those two up. And the rest of our lockups arrive and we're done and it's time to feed and then get some rec done.

Or so I thought.

For a place that runs off radios we have some strange phenomena. One of them is called an "Open Mike". It usually happens when someone is sitting down with their feet up and they don't realize they are pressing a button on their radio. Sometimes you get to hear some pretty funny stuff. I over heard a guy talking to his girlfriend on the phone one time..... It was pretty good.

At any rate, I heard an open mike going with a couple of voices in the background. Then one of the voices was starting to sound kind of insistent and maybe a little panicky. I couldn't make out what was being said, but the tone was there that made the hackles on my neck rise up. I kept waiting for a "help" call but it never came. Then here they come in with some guy shouting and cussing the officers and they set him on the restraint bench and lock him down. I know this guy. He just got released maybe two days ago! And hey! Here we go kicking someone out so we can lock him up! And of course, he's refusing to go into a cell with anyone so we have to move somebody out so we can put him in C-wing. I go down to see if I can calm him down and look into his eyes and say to myself "This dude is fried!!!" He was buzzing like a 220 volt alarm clock. Wow.

So I talk to him a little and get him calmed down some and in a little while he gets put up in the cell with no problem. I kept an eye out, just in case. Normally he didn't act like that. In my opinion, he got hold of something that he shouldn't have. And it didn't agree with his brain, whatever it was. And you never know how someone like that is going to react. You just don't. But the officers that put him up were competent and professional and I knew they could handle the situation.

But I kept an eye out, anyway.

Just in case.

So we finally got to do some rec. A little late, but we got some done. Got alot of refusals, as I predicted. And they all wanted to come in early.

It would have been a good day to do alot of rec.

Or so I thought.

P.S. And, as we were getting ready to leave, the dreaded phone rang. We were getting another lockup! And he was going on suicide watch! Oh, snap! So we had to kick someone else out and move someone else out of C-wing........ All because the guy wanted to check in and was told the hole was full so he said he was going to kill himself......


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