Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Started working with a new partner last night. I had the post doing rec for over four years and had worked with alot of different people. One guy, my regular partner "BG", I worked with the whole time and it was almost like I had never left. Except for a few flubs on my part, we just got it done. BG is off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so yesterday was my first time to work with the other guy "Chuck".

Chuck has been working with BG the whole time I was on day shift and he knows what he's doing. He's got the rec thing down. He runs it a little different than I do but it works so I have no complaints. But we kept running into each other all night long. It'll take some time before we get the dance down right.

With BG I know that when he does this then I go do that and things flow smoothly and we don't get in each others way and we have ech other covered. It's like a dance. When I'm working with BG he leads and I follow. We both prefer it that way and it works out well. But with Chuck I think we were both trying to follow and we just kept getting in each others way. We'll get it figured out. It was only our first night.

Went to the boss lady yesterday and tried to get them to move the restraint benches. Not gonna happen. I realized after the debacle with the spitter last week that the benches are way too close to the wing doors. And the windows. I wanted to move them about four feet further into the wing so they were farther away from everything and we had plenty of room to maneuver around them. But unfortunately since the whole thing got screwed up the restraint benches are a sore subject and if we try to have them moved, they'll take them away from us.


We fought and fought to get the damn things in the first place. Then they gave them to us and then took them away again. Then they gave them back and are now threatening to take them away. Cripes!

Every time we get a tool that works they take it away from us. Usually because someone else (not us) has screwed up. Pretty soon they'll take away our pepper spray and our radios and our badges so we'll seem less "threatening" and we won't "intimidate" the poor dears.

This place is amazing, some times.


  1. Was poking around and accidentally poked my nose in here. Well, I'm not exactly incarcerated. But I am surrounded by dozens of well meaning ladies from who I see no easy escape. They've got me so outnumbered I try to keep them all happy which isn't always easy. My givem what they want they keep me around which ain't all that bad living amongst so many pretty females.
    About myself, I'm independently poor to wit I'm not ashamed. I’m a country dweller. I've been known to be easy to get along with. Just ask some of the ladies in my neighborhood, but don't expect an answer. They're a regularly closed mouth bunch unless of course they should be unhappy about something or demanding change.
    I backed down the page and enjoyed your writing giving me a wonderful glimpse inside your Concrete and Iron Barred University.
    My primary jailer is belovedly called Herr Clink.
    I gotta go. Perhaps I'll look in when I have time gain. I’ve enjoyed it.

  2. Fernan- You are more than welcome here any time. It's sometimes scary and sometimes maddening and sometimes entertaining here. I try to at least keep it interesting. It's more therapy for me than anything else. I gotta get this stuff out of my head somehow and this has been working.
    I'm almost willing to bet you could really "milk" some of the jobs you need to do, yes? (grin)

  3. That story reminded me(don't know why) one of my 6 year old twins (after having a time out in the "foyer") went to school and told the teacher that I put him in a closet......sheesh
    da loop seeing her neighbor stopped by