Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Thin Ice

I don't know what it was about today. I thought at first it was just because this was my last time on day shift and I was just a little on edge. But it wasn't just me, apparently. The whole day was like we were right on the edge of having something happen, even though it never did. We even joked about it saying "Hey! It's your last day! Maybe you'll get to be on a movement team today!"

Ha ha ha.......... It damn near happened.

It started out pretty early during phone calls. We do phone calls on saturday mornings. So if you get a call from an inmate early saturday morning, you know he got locked up for something. If I get a call from an inmate early any morning he's going to be locked up for something!

Anyway, this one knucklehead was being loud and stupid. And since he obviously wasn't in control of himself, he got no phone call. Well, he just couldn't understand why he wasn't getting his phone call.... I mean after all, he used all the words he knows and said them loud and clear so his meaning should have been understood! But it wasn't. He got no phone call and it made him mad! He got so mad he kicked on his door!


And when that didn't work, he shoved all of his clothes out from under the door!

And do you think he got his phone call?

Then he covered up his cell window and said "Open the door and come on in here! I want to fight!"

And then do you think he got his phone call?

No. And he's still mad!

And probably a little cold, too.

It seemed his mood was catching. Seemingly every inmate in the house was doing his very own impression of a walking rectum with distemper. I was worried every time a door opened, because I was just waiting for something to happen. It never did, and I'm glad.

But it was strange.

I just want to say a few words about leaving day shift. And I'm just talking about the Adseg folks here. Even though as a whole we really really sucked at being a crew, individually, you are some pretty good folks. And I was glad and proud to have (most) of you at my back andI at yours. Even though it was maddening enough at times I wanted to pull my hair out, I enjoyed alot of it and I'm glad I got to work with you. The dynamic of the crew was just awful. I think it was way too many A-type personalities. Something. I wouldn't be the day shift sargeant for anything. That poor man. And I'm sure working with me wasn't the easiest thing in the world, either.

But I tried to make it fun and kept you out of trouble when I could.

And I'll miss you guys.

And I'll see you all tomorrow at shift change!

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