Sunday, January 11, 2009


"You didn't post anything on the blog yesterday. What's up with that?"

That was the first question I got asked this morning.

"I've gotten used to reading it every night. Reading it is therapy for the rest of us."

That made me feel kind of good.

I'm glad it helps other people sort some of the crazy out of their heads. It's a real wonder that more of us don't go postal. Hell, if we acted outside that way we are treated inside the term might be called "going correctional" instead.

Maybe by being surrounded by so much crazy every day and having to act crazy or worse, act sanely, keeps us from going over the edge. There have been times when crazy would have been so easy. Someone would be acting monumentally stupid and my gut reaction would be to pull him through the chuck hole like a pipe cleaner, tie him into a squeaking ball of little bone grinding against bone noises and kick him down the stairs. But then I'd stop and think and say "And what are the caseworkers going to tell your grandmother next week when she calls and asks how you are doing? You think she's going to be happy with you?"

That works, now and then. You always gotta be thinking.

Think I'll turn my brain off now and go lay on the couch. Got a touch of the flu or something and my head feels like it's full of broken watch springs. Be safe out there.....


  1. Now you know how "daily" bloggers feel. Ask Guy. If Guy ever stopped posting or skipped a day there would be a collective pout-fest and a "HEY" seen and heard in this county, Northwestern and Eastern Oregon and parts of Washington, Portland, Michigan, Maine etc and amongst all of his fabulously cool lesbian readers/bloggers around the country.

    (comes)<-- hey, I got a real

  2. hEY dAREV....DID YOU EAT AT WORK?(darn new keyboard) ...there is a new recall on peanut butter for only institutions......feel better soonest.
    da loop

  3. Auntie- maybe it was an omen.(grin) I don't know how Guy does it. Sometimes I have to spend an hour or so trying to think of something to say. I think I need to schedule a couple days off a week.

    Loopy- No, I think I caught it from a co-worker. We spend so much time breathing each others' air that viruses circulate like wild fire. I don't eat the state peanut butter very often.