Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Turf Battles And Sour Grapes And Poop Boy Strikes Again!

Here we go again.....

Remember my post about "Buck"? And how I thought it had gotten resolved? Well, apparently there was and is more to the story than I knew.

See, this is what happens when I miss a day. Things happen when I'm not there.

Anyway, I was under the impression that he had just been sent back up to our infirmary to spend whatever time he had remaining in his too too mortal coil. Apparently I was mistaken. Our infirmary said that they didn't have room and they couldn't keep him. Since we were not going to take him back in the Adseg unit, they got him shipped off to the infirmary in another prison a few miles down the road, their infirmary being larger than ours and all.

Well, it seems that he started doing the same thing there as he was here, ie: laying in bed naked and cussing and spitting at the nurses, throwing food, etc. And the end result of that after only a few days was that they don't want him either. They tried to send him back and our infirmary wouldn't take him. And a rumor reached my ears that the other prison had a car in their sally port warmed up and waiting to whisk him back to us for two full days before they gave up hope. Now the medical staff at that prison are furious with the medical staff from our prison and rather than take it out on each other, they've decided it's all our fault for not taking him in Adseg and letting him die on us.

We're to blame.

The medical staff here (as well as the pshrinks and some of the couselors) are not state employees. They work for outside companies who bid for the state contracts. So they aren't really "us". Well, some of them are. There's a few of the nurses and some of the pshrinky-types that are getting to be like one of us. But for the most part, they are just contractors. I'm not dissing contractors at all. I'm just saying they aren't on the same treadmill as we are and things here don't affect them like they do us. Like I said, some of them seem to be on our side and understand what it's like "inside". They're the good folk. They tell us things.

Take for example the tidbit that the head of our medical staff (who doesn't seem to like CO's at all and Adseg even less) is blaming the whole Buck situation on us and is now out to "get" us for throwing a monkey wrench into her plans. So she's sending nurses down to our house who don't like us and don't even try to get along with us and who will use anything to report us for not doing our jobs.

Real nice woman. Temperament like a wolverine with prickly heat. And about half as attractive.

Whoo, that was unprofessional, wasn't it?

So she sent down a nurse on Adseg Committee day to try and run sick call, which consists of having us pull the offenders out of their cells and down to her office so she can see and/or treat them for their various ailments. Most of which seem to be getting out of their cell to see a real woman up close, btw. We told her "Nope! Aint gonna happen! Not on tuesdays, and everybody knows that!" So she called her boss and reported that. She's been around long enough to know that. She was just doing it to give her something to report. The wench!

And when Ol' Poop Boy started his shenanigans again, which ended up with him getting moved twice, two conduct violations and being placed back on full suicide watch, she threw a fit about that too, apparently. Filing reports and making phone calls and complaining about how we were mistreating that poor lad. And him being so infirm and all.

See, he's still on the trail of his MASTER PLAN. Trying to fake being mentally ill didn't get him kicked out of prison (LOL!!!) so now he's faking medical problems. He's filed numerous forms to be seen by this doctor and that one claiming this infirmity and that and the house nurse we had at the time (that's another post) was seeing him and shooting him down because none of them were real. It's pissing him off that we don't just get tired of dealing with him and send him home. Apparently that had always worked for him before. Today it just got him moved to C-wing where he peed out the door and covered his camera and held his food tray hostage. That got him the two violations. And when they said they were going to bring in a team with the shock shield, he said he was going to kill himself. So they went in and stripped him out and left him in a smock again.

Poop poor Poop Boy. He's just misunderstood.

It was an interesting day, all in all.

And it turns out the phone line wasn't working when I tried to call in the other morning, so I probably won't get in trouble for calling in late. The Boss Lady told me "If they try to write you up, have them talk to me first!"

She's awesome.


  1. I certainly hope your job pays well, because otherwise I can't imagine why anybody would to it. I guess somebody has to, huh?

  2. Actually, it doesn't pay beans, but it's the best most secure job in this area if you're not running a payday loan place or have a PHD in something.
    But as you said, somebody has to do it. And I think I'm pretty good at what I do. Not perfect, by any stretch, but I do okay. And occasionally I keep bad things from happening. I think that's a plus.

  3. Funny, we're the lowest paid CO's in the country, and our congresmen are among the highest paid in the nation. Wouldn't ya just love to bring 'em to work and put them in a blue uniform and let them do what we do for a week and see how long it takes for us to get a decent pay raise?

  4. BA, wouldn't that be sweet. Most of those goobers in suits don't have a clue what we do and if they come near the place at all it's with a ring of toadies protecting them. If the governor actually snuck in and spent any time around us, we'd all be fired as degenerates, most like. He'd never understand. It's like teaching a pig to sing. It's just wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  5. i don't think it's time for a moral to the story yet.

    the adventures of poop boy has method to his madness.

    your blog needs poop boy. it's the hook all blogs need darev! you have a character. exploit the character. the truth can be better than fiction.

  6. Oh lawd! Lawsy lawsy. In my wildest dreams I never thought a 19 year old knucklehead with poop on his hands would be my protagonist. I'll never win the Pulitzer with this!

    My plans are ruined!


    I better get the girl at the end or I'm gonna be pissed.

  7. hey, punkin-head.... You got the girl! Two of them, right? Poop boy is a good character though as is Buck-naked! Oops I feel a big musical coming on.... Adseg-The Musical

  8. Wow....that was a busy day indeed!
    da loop